Adam Pearson

Barrie, ON, CA
Electronica / Trance / Experimental
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Dear ,


Listen to "Rainsong" (ft. vocals by Future Analysis) for free HERE


I'm excited to write to you to share with you my latest song, "Rainsong," which is my favourite song that I have ever written. This song tries to capture the feeling of a ride through the rain. When I listen to it, it evokes feelings that are deep, but that I can't easily name...

This one is a fresh blend of genres: trance pounding beats, reggae-inspired guitar, epic movie-soundtrack style strings, soft pianos, house-style synths, subtle Eurotrancy arps, and even feeling-rich flutes. It features vocals by Future Analysis. The song will appear on both the upcoming Transformations EP (with Ragat Ewers) and my own full-length Elementia LP. 

What do you think? What do you feel or imagine as you listen? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you and please enjoy,



"From the opening sequence you can tell "Beyond the Vista" has no parallel, as a description " The sheer magnitude of the track will immerse you in to an ever deeper state of Tranquillity" a Vista like no other, this ascends beyond land , water or time where the future has no boundaries..."  PP Productions, Paul Pritchard

"Zephyrus" is the anthem of the year.  Hans, 604-Tokay

"Zephyrus" is very anthemic and beautifully balanceed. Right from the opening beautiful sounds, I was captured and pulled along its pulsating flow. Unable to break free from its gravitational pull, I allowed myself to soar high above the earth in its engulfing sonic embrace. The only drawback was that i had to come back down...  Ragat, My Scarlet Red


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