Beloved Fans of Stonecircle,


After a 17-year musical career, it is with a heavy but peaceful heart  that I announce the official end of Stonecircle as it currently exists. For the past couple of years, I have felt that this chapter in my musical career was coming to a close. Going forth in the future, I need to step back and take a hiatus from music in order to focus my attention on many things like my family, advancing my other career, and other home projects. Sometimes, it is necessary to step back in order to move forward. Is there a future for Stonecircle? Possibly, with a new direction, new configuration, new energy, and new musical ideas. Stay tuned.


Central to the success of Stonecircle has always been loyal and devoted fans who have become friends and in many cases, second families, as we have toured through new cities and towns. You have opened your homes to us and shared your lives with us., and we will miss these interactions. So from Mary, Tiffany, Bronwen, Nina, Steve, and George, we thank you, we honor you, and we wish you life's richest blessings.


For locals hoping for one last concert on Sept 8th, we have had to cancel the gig because of logistical issues with the venue. 


Thanks again for 17 great years,



(for Stonecircle)



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