The Wendy Woo Band
Dear Friends

We are so sorry for the most recent devastations to our friends and neighbors here in Coloardo. Who would have thought in those 7 days of rain we would experience such flooding. I remember as a child, growing up in Boulder, my mother would worry every summer and warn us of the 100 year flood. We used to joke that it was going on 120 years by the time we had grown up and moved out of the house.  And who would have thought that I would be here to witness the craziness of the flooding even some 20 years after that.

I would like to say thank you to all of the first responders, firefighters and police officers and the National Guard who worked countless hours to make sure that people were brought to safety. It has been so crazy watching the news and seeing all of our hometown landmarks flooded with raging waters and washed our roads. 

So of course, most of our shows this fall have been cancelled or postponed. Our annual Estes Park Autumn Gold Concert of course has been cancelled. The Blue Sky Bridge Fundraiser has been postponed until next year. The Blue Sky Bridge Fundraiser was originally planned for the Boulder Airport with the Wendy Woo Band. The foundation decided it wasn't the time for such an event and that we would set our eyes on that for next year.  I was still able to attend the Blue Sky Bridge award ceremony at Reuben's Bar on Walnut and Pearl in Boulder last night. Thank you so much to dear friends Jane Harmer and Kristi Peterson for the nomination of the child advocacy award in 2013 for Wendy Woo and the Wendy Woo Band. 

FORTober Festival is still scheduled and is in full swing.  First thing this morning Robin Hoch and myself will be kicking off the day in Old Town Fort Colllins for their Fortober Festival. We are so happy to have been invited on this amazing bill of performers including our dear friend Jeff Brinkman who was recently featured on XFactor delivering a heartfelt and warmly received performance of "You Are So Beautiful To Me" by Stevie Wonder. Make sure to catch The Jeff Brinkman Band tomorrow night at Fortober Festival and Sunday, October 6 at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont for their Bridges over Boulder County Flood Relief Benefit. Jeff is just one of a ton of amazing bands coming togehter to raise moeny for flood recovery. 

And again, Jeff Brikman and myself will share the stage at The Walnut Room on October 18, 2013 with the amazing Adrienne O. And yet again in January at Swallow Hill with the amazing Fort Collins band SHEL. Talk about powerful music!

I know this is alot to absorb. Make sure to download the app! Just search the app store for Wendy Woo.

Thank you again for listening. 


Wendy Woo

Fri Feb 13 2015 Westminster, CO The Exchange Tavern  
Sat Feb 14 2015 Loveland, CO Loveland Fire and Ice Festival  
Sat Feb 14 2015 Evergreen, CO The Wood Cellar  
"She is awesome. Wendy is truly one of the most talented performers I have ever experienced. She is the real deal. And will clearly go as far as she desires. It’s rare to witness such striking talent, as you know, and I thank you for sharing her."  — Will Scheffer, creator/executive producer, HBO's Big Love, Los Angeles
"First Place - Best Local Band"  — Channel 7's A-List, KMGH Denver's Channel 7
"Wendy Woo is not only the very definition of Colorado music, but she's also showing the major labels how independent musicians are replacing them and remaking the industry. Two decades into her career, she's still outselling and outplaying the bulk of musicians, averaging 200 gigs a year and thousands of CD sales"  — Jeanie Straub, Colorado Music Buzz
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