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Brooklyn, NY
Hip Hop / Jazz / Underground
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Cognac Time With Coole High - EP.137

Smooth and Wavy, with a dash of gravy on the side, baby. #CognacTime was in effect for yet, another evening of eclectic laid back-ness that can't be found anywhere else on the internet but @CognacTime with @CooleHigh live every Tues and Thurs... in the meantime, you can always imagine you were tuned in live, as I rocked some Patti, some OverDoz from LA, and threw in some ConFunkShun and even had some Richard Pryor for your funny bone... How about some Johnny Osbourne for your Reggae needs.. true classics and some new tasty licks, all in one playlist... Click play- You know you want to...


And now, here's a peak of the smooth and wavy joints we played:


Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen - Straight From The Heart
Love Myself - JMSN - Pllajë
Babysteps - OverDoz - Boom
Love's Train - Con Funk Shun - To the Max
Love You Inside Out - Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown
Come Close - Common - Electric Circus
French Champagne - Ohene Cornelius - American Idle
Flying Saucers - Richard Pryor - That Nigger's Crazy
Perfect Picture - Harn SOLO - Perfect Picture
Budy Bye - Johnny Osbourne - Single
Too Dry To Cry - Willis Earl Beal - Nobody knows
Upon This Rock - Joe Farrell - Upon This Rock
Looks Good With Trouble - Solange ft. Kendrick Lamar - True
Plus, Minus - Renee Dion & Jon Rogers - MOONLIGHT
Love, Need and Want You - Patti LaBelle - I'm in Love Again
Rocket - Beyoncé - BEYONCÉ
Midnight Sun - The Hired Gun - #niceguysfinish


Producer On Point:

The background for tonight's episode of Cognac Time was brought to you by Kasim Keto. Born in Brooklyn and raised by two Jamaican immigrant parents, Kasim Keto finds his influences in a wide range of places and experiences. Having moved from New York, to Alabama, to Florida and then back to New York within the span of two years as an adolescent, Kasim found sanctity in a diverse array of musical styles, which is today reflected in his eclectic blend of production. Kasim began writing music at the age of 8 and it would go onto become a life-altering experience. After releasing numerous online projects to critical acclaim, Kasim is ready to show the world why he is in a lane of his own. With an unmatched drive, Kasim blends hip-hop and electro into a cohesive musical journey on his debut album Long Car Rides.  Check out more of Kasim's work at his website:, and follow him on Twitter: @realkasimketo and Facebook:

And as always, it's never about the genre, it's always about the lifestyle, baby!


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"When people hear the music of Coole High, they sit up and take notice, too."  Adam B., Adam's World

"Melding a love of music composition, literature and cultural critique, Coole High is a brilliant lyricist encased in an eclectic set of beats. The jazz and funk influence is unmistakable, but his use of electronica has made him an underground leader. His dense lyricism defies his laid back delivery. With lines like “Son, spit your germs on the iron worm,” he triggers a double-take and then an epiphany in the listeners that recalls golden era hip-hop’s best rappers."  Santos Party House, NYC

"Have you ever met someone who totally embodies the concept of cool? If you haven't, allow us to introduce you to Coole High. The New York City born and bred emcee and producer is one of the coolest people around. In addition to his chilled out demeanor, Coole High has a list of credits a mile long and has been deep in the city's underground hip-hop scene for the better part of the past decade."  Rap Reviews

"Coole High, the artist/producer also known for dropping a smooth jazz album, has been an integral part of the NYC hip hop underground for many years, and with Futuristiscally Speaking, his laid back attitude, coupled with purposefully forward-thinking subject matter and an aura vaguely channeling Issac Hayes-cool, Coole High can be a tractor beam of a performer, pulling a listener in, capturing their attention"  Birthplace Magazine


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