Azaima Anderson

Silver City, NM
Spiritual / Singer Songwriter / Pop
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Dear Ones,
Hope this finds you prosperously in tune with the times. Please enjoy my newsletter below: some music, some astrology, some activism, some healing.


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"At Sacred Music radio we often receive music which artists would like us to broadcast. To promote any music on Sacred Music Radio the music must be appropriate in that it is what we consider sacred and really beautiful. When we listened to Heart Lightening by Azaima Anderson the decision was really easy to make as we were so moved by the beauty and tranquillity of the music on this album. We found it uplifting and inspiring. For example after listening to the track Bismillah the words and the beautiful sound stay with me. For over a month we featured this track several times a day and now it is broadcast as one of the tracks on our playlist."  Michael Kenton, Sacred Music Radio

"Azaima Anderson is a natural performer. Her voice is melodious and strong, her lyrics fresh, witty and probing, her presence engaging...Anderson quickly has listeners in her grasp."  Judith Hansen, Tourist News

"Even when she's nailing someone who's wronged her - "Said you stayed at John's but that wasn't her name," she spices her message with a generous sense of humor. "You lie like a tick on a dog, like a wart on a hog, like the eggs I fry, like a pig in a sty, you lie, you lie, you lie.""  Gail Rossi, The Odyssey


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