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Kids Alive rescued more than 725 children this year…Kids Alive reflects the love of Christ by rescuing orphans and vulnerable children, nurturing them with care and sharing with them the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


“I (Scott) went on a trip to the Dominican Republic in May this year. We took a ride to a run down community where I saw something that really affected me…we got off the bus and stood in a line waiting to enter a facility. They started sending one American at a time through a walkway with kids on both sides holding giant palm branches, cheering really loud for each of us. I was instantly in tears! I didn’t realize how thankful these kids really were, for some reason I was picturing a line of kids holding out there hand wanting something…


All of the kids were asking questions in Spanish, and I didn’t speak Spanish : ) so I asked the interpreter what they were saying and he said “they are asking if you are their sponsor” I was so touched that they wanted to know if I was the one who cared about them out of all the other kids! Oh man…everyone just wants to know they’re loved!


I saw some kids leaning on the fence watching all this happen from the outside. At that time I realized there was a huge need that tv commercials can’t re-create…so from that moment on we have been working to help find as many sponsors as possible for these beautiful children!


Don’t ask, so how much is it…these kids are not looking for a monthly check! They want to belong…to be loved…to be special to someone, to write letters to you, to hear about your family and your life…and ultimately meet you in person someday!


So, between our family (the Lacks) we sponsor two kids of our own in the Dominican Republic! And we’re musicianaries, which means we live on donations too! So if God can provide us $35 every month to support each of our children, I know he will provide for you!!!”


Make an eternal difference for someone in need. Will you help Kids Alive rescue children in 2012? They’ve been providing Christian care for children at risk since 1916, consider changing a kid’s life for $35 a month. I personally can’t think of a better investment!

please visit or call 1-800-kids-330.


Charity Navigator rates Kids Alive in the top 1% of all ministries, so they will make the most of your monthly gift. Thanks for considering joining with me in this worthwhile effort and have Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!

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