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Hi All and and the usual thanks and extra special greetings to the many new readers. 


After a short break to gather up the loins and attempt to get the brain straight after a busy period we are back to attack your Inbox. 


The News Blog covers most of what has happened over the past couple of weeks, and you'll find it by following the usual Blog Link that you will find HERE


We cover an eventful run out of the Fringe; the super ALLUVIUM EXHIBITION now at the Old Market Gallery; much House Keeping as 2013 looms on the horizon: and of course naughty boy MP's and we're into the AGM Season - We also look ahead at the weeks activities.  


You can find Pictures from The Fringe Festival HERE


Week's activities, I was reminded of one not mentioned in the Blog this morning and that being the Folk at The Mason's appearance of Ray Hearne on Friday 16th in Doncaster.   You can find all the details on the listings page HERE


And RAE has started on 2013.  More about that later in the week.


Whatever you might be doing this week, have fun, support your local artists and KEEP IT LIVE




PS On a personal note many thanks to all those who passed on their good wishes.  I'm currently awaiting the results letter - nearly as bad as waiting for A Level Results.


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