San Francisco, CA
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Hi friends!


We've been working on material for a new album, which we're very excited to share with you this spring!


In the mean time, here is a sneak peak of a few songs that will be on it, plus interviews and more.


We hope you enjoy it, and do share if you like!



See you soon!

Red & Sami



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"Fans of Two Gallants, The Cure, choirs of ghosts, and lost to history blues singers will all be pleased with the sounds that come out of Callow. Both members sing to create dreamy harmonies seeped in some otherly presence. Callow is the perfect soundtrack to hopping the next freight train or camping in the deep, dark woods. Live, the duo set up across from one another, enabling them to work a splendid, avant garde magic while secretly communicating thoughts that only Callow can pick up on. Melodies meander through a wild west filled with whispers and yells, building slowly yet surely into meaningful, powerful tracks."  SF Gate, SF Gate

"some groovy-sounding rock music which has that late 60’s feel to it, and we love that."  Woodbangers, Woodbangers LLC Network

"Red Moses (Vocals/Guitar) and Sami Knowles (keys, percussion, vocals) are Callow, a singer-songwriter two-piece from the black depths of the ocean. Often with only one floor tom, Sami will keep a steady percussive pace through entire songs, reminding one of the implacable rise and fall of the tides. Red and his guitar croon over the deep-yet-simplistic music, seeming to explore humanity’s heartache, its soul-searching, and its sorrow. Rarely does Chico get to witness something so honest, simple, and rich as San Francisco’s Callow. It’s kind of like watching a time-lapse of clouds skate over a lonely mountain range, and it feels a little bit like Sigur Ros, if they were American and sang with a little bit of cowboy-twang in their voices."  Alex Light, Synthesis Weekly


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