Hi from Cling

We are playing a valentines eve special 3 song showcase @ The Ink Bar in Maidstone Kent. 9pm onwards

If you are in the area we would love to see you :)

If you would like more details please use this link


"CLING really do make songs that wont let go of you therefore, an apt name for a group"  — Paul Scott-Bates,
"Coming in today is a new release by electro-band Cling called, "Walk on Thin Ice". This track blends pulsing synths that are sure to tingle your ears with a some bass that really packs a nice punch. Cling describes this song as having a "feel good factor of 10" and from what we could tell they are absolutely right! The vocal work also has a sweet and sensual that feels hypnotic to the point that you'll find yourself falling in a trance. Definitely worth checking out!"  —,
"Their new tune is a cracker, and like the 2012 mixes of Deeper Meaning and Beyond Your Dreams, it’s a harder, fuller sound this time round. The apocalyptical tale, embeds itself in your head and you really can’t let it go. “Too late for regrets, let’s just accept our fate”. It starts atmospherically and soon launches into a cosmic trap that you can’t help but fall into. They really do make songs that won’t let go of you – therefore, an apt name for a group. Give The End a listen and tell me you don’t play it a second time."  — Greenfield Cygnus, Heaven Is A Place On Pendle
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