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 Well, we have been hard at work bringing you some new stuff, and it is very near ready, and probably much more than you might have expected! We came up with so much material that we put together first one album, and then a double album, and if that weren't enough, we have yet another album nearly ready with re-makes of some of our older songs, as well as a few new ones! 

So get ready for a mind-bending ride through unexpected scenery that will effect you on levels you didn't know you even had. 

(*disclaimer*: We take no responsibility for any gray matter that happens to be lost through any orifice as a result of exposure to sounds possibly not meant for human ears)


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"RE: MsFox by Feralbeest "It takes a few seconds to get on the same wavelength as this song, you really have to think about what's going on. But that's the sign of a good, clever song surely, one that makes you think? There seems to be an under water theme to this, the guitars and vocals seem to drift between the stereo speakers, slightly out of sync with each other and I found my head swaying along to them. Every now and then the song seems to half for a little drum fill and you think' surely this can't pick up where it left off?' But it can. And does. The guitar continues playing, the bass continues playing and the drums continue playing their riffs again at the same time but because of the clever production they fall straight back into their swirling out of sync places. The whole experience is brilliant, the melodies and everything seem to be swirling and it's the kind of song that visualisers where invented for, to get lost in this 3 minutes of sonic madness.""  Anonymous, Soundout

"...i thought the guitar was ok but it was drowned out by the sound of someone either dying or having their toenails trimmed by a chainsaw."   Unnknown reviewer of the song "Dig In", Slicethepie.com

"...It became like an industrial butcher shop or people caught in a tornado. Definitely a very provocative and different kind of song..."  unnamed reviewer of the song "Dig In", Slice the Pie


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