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Stranga The Great "Bonkers"

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Stranga The Great was born Kareem Stevens the son of two well known street hustlers in Harlem, New York in 1981. His father ThunderBird Johnny Drake was respected amongst the Harlem street world and closely connected to some of hiphop's earliest pioneers. His mother Dorothy Stevens was from a small town in rural North Carolina who moved to NY during the 60's seeking a more glamorous life. Coming up in the crack cocaine era in NY young Kareem was surrounding by drug usage and a crime infected environment. As a child he was blessed to be around some of the earliest hip hop pioneers such as Jam Master Jay of Run DMC fame. Kareem's father and Jam Master Jay's mother are first cousins. During his time in NY he would spend time with Kurtis Blow and Luv Bug Starski who called ThunderBird his father the same as Kareem did. After problems between his parents lead to his mother moving back home to the south Kareem used his love for break dancing and beat boxing to escape life's harsh realities. By the time High School came he had already adopted the moniker Red Eyed Stranger, which was a character he had created to due to the fact that he kept red eyes and was very animated when it came to his rap style. Growing up infatuated by Horror and Kung Fu movies a young Stranga became a huge fan of Wu-Tang Clan and other hardcore underground hiphop groups. While he wasn't known much for his song writing abiltiy he was respected amongst all he encountered for his skill as a battle rapper. Stranger had dropped the Red Eyed from his name and decided to just go by Stranga and soon started separating himself from all the crews he was a part of with his work ethic. Stranga didn't truthfully start to pursue a life as a hip hop artist until around 2001 when he got introduced to text battling on the internet. Falling in love with being accepted by fans from all over the internet he began to hit the open mic scenes in Fayetteville NC an quickly grew a name for himself even though he was an outsider. Since his first start on the internet and after numerous performances at hiphop venues Stranga has had his share of up's and downs musically. He has worked with and been on projects with artists and producers from over 5 countries including Craig G from the Juice Crew, Fredro Starr of Onyx, The Wisemen, Holocaust, Guerilla Alliance, Rkitech, Killah Priest, Chief Kamachi, Army of The Pharoah's and Terror Squad. Stranga has been featured in publications and websites such as the Source Independent and Hip Hop Weekly and has had production placements on MTV's Pimp My Ride. Stranga is prided amongst his peers for his strong work ethic and lyrical creativity. He always believed that it mattered more to be impressive lyrically then to follow the trends that come into hiphop periodically. Stranga can be heard all over the internet due to his networking skills and his support from close DJ's such as DJ Smoke, DJ Sincere, J.Boogie, DJ Femmie and DJ Supreme. Now considered a leader and respected influence in Fayetteville's hip hop scene Stranga The Great is in line to leave behind a legacy of flavorful music that can be enjoyed by hiphop fans for years to come.

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Stranga The Great "Drowning in Fire " The MIxtape Hosted by J Boogie


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