If you haven't been following the news on Facebook Page, I’m working on my fourth CD! We started studio work earlier this month and I have to say, it feels really great to be recording the new songs I’ve written over the past two years. We found a studio in Scottsville, VA that really gets who I am as an artist and has the type of atmosphere that fosters creativity. And I really think the songs I’m recording now are the best I’ve written.
I am doing something new with this project that I am very excited about. I am raising the money for this CD through a funding campaign called Join The Journey. This program allows my fans, friends and family – anyone really – to partner with me from the start of the music making process and to contribute to the CD’s completion and success. As a ‘thank you’ for coming on board we have various cool gifts set up based on each desired level of participation.

I’ll be very honest here – it’s a bit scary to fund a project this way. But I felt this is a really awesome opportunity for someone who loves music to participate in its creation. I am grateful for my amazing fans and supporters and really look forward to sharing this journey with you. For everyone who backs the project through this campaign, there are updates from the studio to follow how each song evolves from rough track to finished product.

This campaign will only run for 30 days, which is the length of time we anticipate being in the studio. We have 18 days left and are already 12% funded. So I would like to invite you to join me today. Not only will your support enable me to finish this project, but it also allows me to continue to take my music into the community to places I might not otherwise be able to visit. SImply check out my Join The Journey campaign and let’s make music together!
Livin’ Large in the Music,
John Tracy
John Tracy Music
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Charlottesville, VA 22906
PS – Did I mention that there’s the opportunity for you to help me name this CD and even have your own private CD Release House Concert?