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AUTOMATON in the studio

O'Brian DrumsScratch and Drum tracks are complete, and we have the foundation for our 4-song EP. Recording has been a relatively smooth process, and Michael Ragan has been one hell of a producer to work with. Fueled by energy drinks and cigarettes, James O'Brian's brain-metronome produced a humongous drum sound. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to see our weekly studio updates. Guitar and bass tracks are the next contenders, and Meade and Flannigan adopted a fisticuffs stance to knock these out (hopefully in time for tea.)




3 Inches of Blood and Goatwhore

3 Inches of BloodIt's already rather exciting that these two metal giants even consider the greater Cincinnati area to play a show. They're stopping in to play in our own backyard on May 6. We didn't realize that we would actually be THE OPENING ACT at the Thompson House! Special ticket price for The Azimuth subscribers: $10. Contact us via the Facebook telexes, or use the telephoning machine--513-603-0411. Duncan Batchworth III's doorman, David, would be glad to arrange a time and place to meet and exchange for tickets.


Cincy Power Fest

AUTOMATON is joining forces with 7 truly unique bands to start a tradition in Cincinnati: Cincy Power Fest. The lineup includes Pittsburgh's Dungeons-and-Dragons-themed band Dethlehem and Cincinnati's newest signed black metal band Lilin. The show is May 11 at The Thompson House.


Did someone say 'beer?'

Join Duncan Batchworth III and James O'Brian on the evening of March 1 in a steampunk-themed march during Cincinnati's Bochfest. The dapper crew meets at Arnold's on 8th street at 7pm. It WILL be crowded.

Next Issue: More studio, and steampunk conventions...


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