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Greene, RI
Rock / alternative rock
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Hello from Blocks of Seven,We had a few delays in finishing up our album.We had hoped for early summer release--well,thats not gonna happenIExpected release will now be in the 2013 fall.Exciting things have been happening for BOS.We have been getting kicks ass reviews on all of our tunes and getting airplay on various radio stations-Dr  Johns Rock Surgery show,all of the radio 365 channels,,wcpr,,xtrasound and crunch radio ,just to mention a few- And the list  is continuing to grow.Our video is almost complete and again we wait.We have so much more  to offer to all of you ,so please be patient.We do need some advice and/or  help.Our facebook like are in the toilet--how can we improve them?WE HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT BUY FANS.We will earn them one at a time-look for ward to hearing from all of you-Blocks of Seven


"Top 3 Most Popular Tracks on WNDY Radio as of 3/29/2014 Congratulations ‪#‎JL‬ 1. Blocks of Seven - Modern Media 2. Blocks of Seven - Now and Together 3. DIRTY BOB - Man Behind the Gun"  Jeff Hensley/Sully McFly, WNDY Radio/365 Radionetwork

"Each day I choose an Artist for my Artist of the Day, tonight that Artist is you (8/28) Which means that I'll Tweet you, place you in my Status on Facebook(3)... Reverbnation,My Space, Google, and Pin you at Pinterest. Hope this helps in some way! Check me out on Facebook "  kathy/loud n loaded promotions, reverbnation

" F! That dude can sing! "I can't take it anymore", Ritchie Blackmoore would dig it. "  Aubrey P. Cullen III, reverbnation artist


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