Lin Rountree
Hello Family,

I'm giving you all an exclusive opportunity to listen to my new project SERENDIPITOUS in its entirety. Please share your feedback and spread the word. If you like what you hear i'd love for you to purchase a copy via Amazon or Digital Download via iTunes or Amazon MP3. 

Thank You,

Lin Rountree


Sun May 03 2015 Port Canaveral, FL Maxwell Cruise + The 7 Seas Tickets
"After Miles Davis, Herb Alpert and Tom Browne, one can say with complete justification, the young trumpeter generation is the future. Lin Rountree can count with pride to this avant-garde."  — Hans-Bernd Hülsmann, Smooth and Soul
"Could trumpeter Lin Rountree have wanted to convey a message to jazz fans that his latest release, Serendipitous, is aptly titled because of some great revelations about his music? Actually, this well-polished album packs such a substantial wallop that it probably makes such ruminations unnecessary for most. Working over the tracks with a meticulous approach, Rountree uses the magic of his trumpet to take you on a wonderfully melodic journey....These tracks all have their own magnetic appeal and charm, whether we’re talking about cool and mellow tunes like the lead track, appropriately titled “We Chill,” the seductive title track (which takes “chill” to another plateau), the sweet mellow allure of Althea Rene’s flute on “In the Day,” the sweet finale “Takin’ It Slow,” the slick and kinda bluesy “Why So,” or something funkier and motor-driven like “Gutter Funk” featuring saxman Randy Scott......."  — Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride
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