Alim Kamara, Greeds, Andrew Muhammad, Ego-Ella May, Mikel Ameen
Water Margin - The 02
Alim Kamara
London, UK



So you're thinking about coming to the show huh? Well I've got 10 reasons as to why you should. This includes those of you who are overseas (serious face grrrr). 


So here goes 10 REASONS......


1) It's going to be an amazing event of inspiration and live music. 


2) There will be an eat as much as you like buffet.


3) I will be performing some fresh new material. 


4) Aside from myself, we have the amazing Andrew Muhamad (Renowned speaker), Ego-Ella May (neo-soul singer/beat maker) G.R.E.E.D.S

(Poet/host) and Mikel Ameen (Rapper/world changer). 


5) It wiill be filmed for the making of a documentary / DVD so I need you to help me fill up the house. 


6) This will be my most intimate show yet, so you will get to know Alim on a more personal level


7) I have been working REALLY REALLY hard and will be on stage for a whole HOUR.


8) You get to switch up your routine, and do something different, bold, new, and fabulocios (live a little).


9) End your week on a high, no alcohol needed.


10) It's will be a great to see you 




I still managed to squeeze in T4GC storytelling video - Dreaming of gold  


Stay amazing 


"I'd like to share some colours that I see, with drums and emotions."  — Alim Kamara, Reciting Rainbows FREE Hip-hop download
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