Rudy Colombini

San Francisco, CA
Singer Songwriter / Classic Rock
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Rudy & The Unauthorized Rolling Stones will be playing TWO SHOWS tomorrow night at Silo's in Napa, California. We'll rock the grapes off the vines as the band storms through all of the classic hits plus originals from The Perfect Gift EP and others.


If you're in Wine Country tomorrow



Rudy Colombini & The Unauthorized Rolling Stones


"This is Rudy Colombini’s second musical life. The Divine Comedy flirts with pretentiousness but manages to come out sounding more grandiose than garish. Ian Hunter and David Bowie come to mind, comparisons Colombini accepts but adds, “My influences are really Dylan and John Lennon, more than anything and the Stones.” “How would I describe the album if I had to use one word?” he ventures. “Passionate.”"  Steve Stolder, BAM Magazine

"“The Unauthorized Rolling Stones gave a thundering performance hitting the stage with the song Start Me Up, and continuing through all of the Stones’ hits. The musicians played and looked their parts. The toughest part to play was Mick Jagger, which was played by Rudy Colombini. His clothes, facial expressions, mouth and hip gyrations, the hopping, strutting, holding of the microphone, vocal style and phrasing, hand gestures, even spontaneity when presented with something out of the normal, and right down to the way he approaches the stage and mounts it was Jagger-like. Make no mistake, Colombini runs the show every moment he struts the stage. He has done his homework and captures every inch of Jagger of the real Rolling Stones; Jagger has a stand-in if he ever needs one.”"  Michel Michel, Alameda Sun

"” The common thread in these pop anthems, revved up rockers, and melancholy ballads is Colombini’s sincerity. The pristine production of these rock instruments, embellished with horns and church organ, make possible to feel good all day long.”"


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