Matt Harlan
Houston, TX
"Drown ideology in beer." - Buffalo Bayou Brewery

Hey y'all,

You know why I love Buffalo Bayou Brewery? Because they say things like "Drown ideology in beer." I think that phrase means something more than "let's get drunk." What I think that means is: let's build a community. Let's forget about differences of opinion and conflicting aspirations for a minute and just enjoy a good beer with the people that inhabit your general geographical area. That's what I take away from the slogan that the folks at Buffalo Bayou Brewery have taken as their own and that I've pasted at the top of this email.

In this day and age it's pretty obvious that almost anybody can pick up a Mr. Beer homebrew kit and brew up some suds. And with a wide-array of craft beers filling menus across the country you have a good chance of finding something tasty and refreshing pretty much anywhere you go. But it's not everywhere that you'll find beer as good as Buff Brew that carries with it a sense of community. So, when they asked if I'd like to come play at the brewery this Saturday from the 12 - 3. I said yes. Not just because I'm often thirsty around noon on a hot summer day. Not just because I've found myself drawn more and more to their taps over the countless others that inhabit my local watering holes. But because of this sense that they're about more than beer.

So, if you're looking to get past the politics for a minute and just hang out with some fellow beer afficianados and 'ettes, then come on down this Saturday at noon. I'll be playing songs with a little help from my friend Charles Peters and hopefully some guest vocals by Rachel. Let's drown some ideology. Or you know, just get drunk...because it's pretty damn good.

Take it easy,

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"Raven Hotel is a very accomplished collection of insightful song writing. Harlan rarely misses the bar with his wrangler poetry and lassoed prose." — Mackenzie Heard,

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"Houston-based singer-songwriter Matt Harlan isn’t one of those musicians who puts out an album every year...but you can bet that when one does finally show up, it’s worth the wait." — Paul T. Mueller, Sun209: Americana Music News

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