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Hey ,

We wanted to follow up with everyone and let them know that we are working very hard at our next album, Inventing Dr. Sutherland and his Traveling Hospital. Most of the songs have been recorded, but we have lots of overdubs and vocals to work on still. Hoping to have the album and cartoon out by early 2014. Check out the promo below. Also, we have a few brand new demos you can listen to. These are not on the Sutherland album, but some might show up on our next album which is our 10 Year Anniversary as a writing duo. Most likely we will call the album TEN (10). Hope all is well with you and your families as we enter the Holiday season. On a personal note, Jim and his wife Di are expecting their first child this December.

Cheers, TCT

ALBUM PROMO ("Inventing Dr. Sutherland and his Traveling Hospital")



No, I Don't Wanna Go Home -

Madmen & Genius -


Citizen -

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"These Curious Thoughts... click. 'Brain in a Jar'... click. I hear easy rhythm, acoustic guitar and voices from some old times I don't even remember: 'So we put our brains inside jar...'. Uhm, that all reminds me of something. The Doors! Well, maybe except the 'brains' part – lyrics are quite intriguing and noticeable. When it comes to the sound and colour of the voice there is something that might remind you this old, Jim Morrison leaded band. These were my first quite curious thoughts when I've heard this song of this transatlantic duo. This track is from the 5th band's 16 track studio album called 'What is it, and how did it get in there?', which was out earlier this year."  Jurga Kalinauskaitė, Unsigned Bands Online

"Interview with Jim Radford and Sean Dunlop from the Indie Rock band, These Curious Thoughts."  LadyObscure, Lady Obscure

"The music is very distinctly reminiscent of the 1960s; specifically, it sounds like the roots of psychedelia, and early roots rock. There are hints of subsequent developments, and more than one occasion when I thought of REM, but that’s where its heart is. Sean Dunlop’s arrangements are complex, although not in an obvious way. The music is accessible, and presents itself without any overt ‘difficulty’ or avant-garde experimentalism, but it is constructed with broad-brush imagination and meticulous attention to detail. For all the relative whimsy of the harmonic sequences, the lyrical landscape is pretty short on fanciful conceits; Radford’s world is a material one, and when God crops up (which happens on several occasions), it is as a supporting character providing comic relief."  Oliver Arditi, Oliver


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