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Welcome to the Mid-Week Blessing!!!!!

The Mid-Week Blessing is a time of prayer, praise, worship, and reflection of the Goodness of God! Welcome ☺

Father God thank You for all that You do for us everyday. Thank You keeping our families, friends, loved ones, and protecting us from dangers seen and unseen. Lord thank You for turning every bad situation around for our good, for using hard times, trials, and tribulation to be a motivator, a classroom, a training camp, and a measuring stick to help us become what You desire us to be. Lord never let us lose the zest and zeal to live for You. Search us O Lord and where ever there is complacency, laziness, indifference, wastefulness, apathy, numbness, and any void of any kind please remove it and replace it with Your heart, Your ways, Your Spirit, focus, determination, Your excellence, and line us up with Your perfect and Holy will in the name of Jesus. Lord we lift up to You those that are losing heart because of the calamities and difficulties in their homes, on their jobs, in their neighborhoods, in their states, nation, and even all over the world. Father please do for them what You did for Moses while he was in the middle of a long fight: You sent helpers to hold his arms up until Israel achieved victory. Lord please send helpers, be it angelic or human, to hold up Your people during this difficult time in their lives. Lord send a Word that will awaken them out of their saddened, sluggish, lethargic state and revive them, refresh them, refill them, give them new hope, more faith, and assurance that You have everything under control.

Father thank You for the fellowship that Your people have with each other. Lord help us not to be distracted by trivial, unimportant things that seek to take us out of Your will, take us out of fellowship with each other and You, and seek to tarnish the Witness of our faith in You. Lord please help us to focus in on the things, causes, people, and activities that matter the most to You. Lord challenge us to pray more than we ever have before, not just for our households, families, friends, people we know or for finances, You to meet our needs, or for You to do something for us. Please direct us to pray prayers that will cease wars, cover zip codes/states/nations from disaster, and keep soldiers, children, and innocent people safe. Lord we are called by Your name and You are not passive, reactive, or weak. Lord You are Mighty, Powerful, Awesome, Accurate, Excellent, and Ever Victorious!!! We thank You for the honor to advance Your Kingdom, to lift up Your name, and to be in relationship with You. We thank You for all of these things in the Mighty name of Jesus AMEN!!!

May the Lord bless you to complete what you started and remove discouragement and replace it with determination in the name of Jesus.

May the Lord bless you to be a blessing right where you are.

May the Lord continue to bless you with unmerited favor, love, joy, perfect peace, and godly contentment in the precious name of Jesus.

May the Lord bless you and yours right where you need it in the Mighty name of Jesus AMEN!!!!

♥ Dionne Renae


"“Praise The Lord!!!!!! Enjoyed listening and meditating as I listen to your awesome songs. Keep shining His love with your wonderful talent. Peace N Love N Music"  KMartin1 Blogtalkradio


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