How you doing?  Some Exciting news for you but first off...


We've just been invited to perform at The Faces of Rock Party this coming FRIDAY July 13 at the Historic Broadway Studios !
This is a venue which is on top of the Mabuhay Gardens a place where Metallica , Death Angel started out... the venue is so cool , it looks like a scene from the film Moulin Rouge here's a pic.


Anyhow we will be rocking out with 4 other bands and if you enjoy bands like The Cult, The Cure and the Ramones.. you will love this party..


oh yeah and they said the Vamp girls will do a Fashion .Bikini show !  wow... 0_0


Lol so here's the MAP  to get there.


Also our new Mini Album is almost done!
Here is your FREE copy of the Pre-Mix Version, Download it HERE and Share !


We hope to see you on FRIDAY JULY 13 at the Party !


Oh Yeah our Single got played in Cool UK Goth Show : Gloom Cookies at Nightbreed Radio you can check it out HERE 

See you at the Show !












"This is a definite for any fan of The Sisters of mercy, The Mission Uk, The Cure, 69 eyes and Him"  — Gerard Bumanglag,
"as far as gothic rock is concerned Dominion,though they don't renew the genre, have all the qualities to please demanding gothic rock fans."  — Twilight, Guts of Darkness European Goth Metal Zine
"DOMINION are undoubtedly the founders of gothic rock-hard and pure in the Asian continent"  — Mr. Moonlight, - DArk webzine Italy
" One of the best goth bands in town playing original and covering favorites from Depeche Mode, The Cult and The Cure"  — -Inquirer 7, Major Philippine newspaper

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