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 It's now less than a week until Hamerex play their 100th show at the Apocalypse 2012 Festival at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield organized by the band.


Hamerex will be playing a mixture of old, Rites Of Passage and new songs for their headline show which will feature 6 other bands. The Apocalypse 2012 Festival on Saturday 15th December is free entry and starts at 3pm and will also be streamed live on the internet at www.snootyfoxlive.com and www.hamerex.com/live-stream.


Bands and Set Times:


Hamerex 10:00pm - 10:45pm

Back To The Sea 9:00pm - 9:45pm

The Occupier 8:00pm - 8:45pm

Rok Ink 7:00pm - 7:45pm

--- 1 Hour Break ---

Shadows Of Violence 5:15pm - 6:00pm

Deformation Of Man 4:15pm - 5:00pm

InSpades.INC 3:15pm - 4:00pm


There will also be a Jewelry stall and band merchandise available from the bands during the course of the day.


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"With a title like "IX" it will come as no surprise that this is Hamerex's second album. Hang on, that can't be right! Ok, so it's their ninth release if you count demos and singles. The band hail from Wakefield and play metal that borders on thrash. There's a definite Iron Maiden influence in there, and also a bit of Testament. All in all, this is pretty good. It does have its limitations, but these are more to do with budget than talent. Opening with a brief instrumental, "IX Circles", which owes more than a nod to "Ides of March", the band hit their stride with "The Life of Death". It's very traditional metal, with shouty vocals and some nice guitar work. Like I said, the only real criticism is in the production. But then if you have an album of NWOBHM influenced metal, then a rough production just adds to the authenticity. - 6 Powerpoints"  Martin Howell, Powerplay Magazine

"The track of the album for me is ‘The Night of Samhain‘. An epic 11 minute journey of mythical adventure with some excellent musical sequences, time changes and story telling and that’s what Hamerex are about. Crafted musicians writing music how they like it without trying to fit into any specific genre of ‘Heavy Metal’ and telling there story how it should be done. Go and see them live, I’m confident you will be head banging or at the very least, nodding your head. - 4/5"  Vince Hempstead, TBFM Magazine

"I love the catchy and economical riffs driven by pulsing bass and fort-holding drums. Moule’s vocals are perfect, hearkening back to a golden and oft-forgotten era. Fans of Meliah Rage, Anvil, Iron Maiden and NWOBHM will enjoy Hamerex, as will fans that are looking for simple head-banging metal without all the complications to go along with frothy ale. 4.0/5"  Erich, Metal Rules


The Snooty Fox Wakefield, UK Sun Mar 08 2015 08:00 PM  
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