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Hello Everyone,
Long time no see… no talk, not much of anything at all!  I know it has been a quiet year or so for me, and I'm sorry if I've left you hanging!  But, I thought I'd update all of you and give you a little explanation.
I want this to be simple and informative, not loaded and heavy, because the fact of the matter (and first piece of news) is that I am officially free and independent again!  Woohoo!  Even though it may sound ironic to be so happy to get out of a deal, but you heard it first from me.  And the story, goes a little like this.
I moved to Nashville in the Fall of 2007, and the following April I was presented with my first big music biz opportunity.  A year and a half into writing for them I signed a record deal with Rykodisk.  For the next two years I toured my booty off!  It was probably during this time when most of you met me or heard of me.  Got to open for Elvis Costello, Train, Amos Lee, REO Speedwagon, among others.
When I went to start working on my followup album to Honest Words I couldn't seem to reach an agreement with the label on what material would go on the record.  I wasn't willing to compromise on what is MY work.  So, I proceeded to find a way out of there.  After I left my record deal, my publishing company became what I would call complacent.  I felt that I was being left to myself to figure everything out.  And I certainly couldn't do it by myself.  
So, I did the only part of this whole thing that I really know how to do and went into the studio.  That's when I asked for the support of my fans.  The Kickstarter campaign helped me big time… but the remaining 70% of the money I needed to finish, produce, and duplicate the EP wasn't coming to me.  No moving parts of my "meg mccormick music team" was able to find any more financial backing, so things just came to a screeching halt.  I was never able to get physical CD's, or fulfill a great portion of the rewards of the other backers… and that's been breaking my heart!  Anyway, I'll get back to this in a moment. 
When my publishing company showed that they weren't able to put themselves out there financially (or otherwise), it became obvious that I needed to get out of there as well.  I couldn't stomach the fact that I'd be writing, and turning songs into a company that might put them in a computer file somewhere, not pitch them, not take them to the next place. Granted, I signed this whole contract with stars in my eyes, so it's my responsibility, but I just never expected to leave my record deal after one album and have to wait out an 18 month grace period without any financial compensation.  I had a naive outlook and just wanted to get into the big time!!!  Haha.  
As you can imagine, I immediately had my attorney start working to get me out of this deal.  It took until August of this year (2 years after Honest Words was released) to get indie again… but it finally happened.  And just in time for me to go perform at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin in under two weeks!  Ha.  I'm ready to get everything rolling again, but once again, (and honestly, now more than ever) I need your support.  
About a year and a half  ago, my fans funded a tour and a portion of the cost of the EP.  The rug got pulled out from under the whole project, so I was never able to finish and fulfill the backers rewards.  Quite honestly, I have been in work-your-booty off, recession mode ever since.  I have had a couple of day jobs, including Eddie's Attic, a club in Atlanta.  I need to focus on my music once again and perhaps with your help that will be possible. 
If you're so inclined, I am accepting donations to help fund the trip to Austin (for Austin City Limits Music Festival).  Feel free to use the PayPal link, or purchase a digital copy of the EP on Bandcamp and purposefully overpay in the amount that you would like to contribute.
Thank you for your love and support!

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"The Nashville singer/songwriter sounds as if she's lived a life and a half on her potent Honest Words album."  — USA Today, USA Today
"Cross Sheryl Crow with Bonnie Raitt and you get Honest Words, a bluesy lovelorn showcase for singer songwriter Megan McCormick's bright alto and growly guitar."  — Oprah Magazine, Oprah Magazine
"Whether it was your divine grace or not, someone is responsible for her near-perfect debut disc. From the achingly tender ballads to the bristling blues jams, this girl can flat out play. Songs like "Oh My Love," and "Lonely Tonight," come along so rarely it feels criminal to see her continue to stay so far removed from the limelight."  — Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk
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