Perry Kurtz

Panorama City, CA
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"The Night the Holy City Zoo Closed BY ROBERT S. WIEDER ROBIN WILLIAMS was there, of course, but didn't much want to talk about it. It was a highly personal moment. He did his earliest stand-up here, met his oldest friends here, met his wife here. This is where he learned his craft, and it was a sad, melancholy night on June 19, 1984. The Holy City Zoo, a legend among America's comedy clubs, the ultimate "comedian's hangout," folded after 13 years. "I'm sad," said Robin. " We had wonderful times here, strange times here; this wasn't a haven, it was a game preserve. I remember a big black guy who'd come in with a baseball bat and say 'I'd like to audition.' But a lot of that is in the past. So many changes." Comic Perry Kurtz rented a chain saw to carve the stage wall into souvenirs. "I'd give (former Zoo manager John) Cantu's right arm to keep this club open," he said."  ROBERT S. WIEDER, SAN FRANCISCO SUNDAY EXAMINER & CHRONICLE

"A Los Angeles Comedian, Perry Kurtz, says, :PG&E stands for Power Grid Envy.""  Patrick May, San Jose Mercury

"Kurtz was unstoppable! Even the natives feared him."  Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now - The Movie


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