Elmer Pastorius

Guadalajara, MX
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Hello my Friends!


Today I just realized that I´ve just got my first great goal as an independen musician getting my first fanbase of 10,000 people, all this in less than 7 months which is a great deal to me and even more special when all this time I´ve been working with buget "0". I would like to say thanks to all and everyone of you for every play, every comment, for every good vibe and for making all this magic journey possible to a mortal guy like me. I hope one day I can give back all this Love I´ve been receiving. From now and on as a way to show my gratitude my LP " The Hard Ways of Freedom" is a "name your price" starting from "$0" for the first 200 downloaders (per month) at http://elmerpastorius.bandcamp.com/album/the-hard-ways-of-freedom. Thank you very much again for your great support.





" Yeshua's Speech is excellent electronic music. Beautiful crystal clear synth sounds. Reminds me of the classic tracks from Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream but has it's own personality. "  Last Day On Earth, Motherwell, UK

"Can certainly hear the free, spontaneous rhythm influences of Chemical brothers in these bold and imaginative tunes.. great snare pattern and electro synth textures for "The hard ways of freedom".. And digging that gated guitar adding it's own rhythm element too.. Very cool, skilful electronica vibes! "  Mike White Presents, London UK

"THE SON OF THE SUN cuts through the genre clutter like a hot knife through butter. At once powerful and poignant, groove-a-licious and drivingly cool, this, like the rest of your tracks, is a signpost at the corner of Funk avenue and Groove boulevard. "  David Namerow, Philadelphia, USA


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