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A few weeks ago, I jumped over an urban bonfire (aka LOTS of candles) to welcome in Spring with some friends. A la Persian tradition, we silently thought of something negative we wanted to leave behind and something positive we wanted to jump toward and we held sparklers in our hands (not-so-traditional) and leapt toward renewel. Oviously, something went amiss with this weather...


The March/April edition of the Floor Sessions cover songs is brought to you by my love of Little Dragon. The original version of this song sends me over the moon. I had the pleasure of working with D.J. Kyriakides at Cue Studios on the studio version and videographer Zambia again on the live version (this time splicing in some ridiculous slow motion head banging). Many many thanks to both for the creativity, laughs and DIY attitude that I love so much. So without further adieu, I give you my interpretation…




“Twice” by Little Dragon



Download the studio version for free (or pay-what-you-want) at


For this year’s Floor Sessions" cover challenge, I’ve embarked on a recording collaboration project: pairing each of the live videos with a properly recorded studio version of the song to give away as a free download: low pressure and mainly for the fun of it :) Though many of them are set up already, if you feel inspired to pursue a recording or video collaboration with me, please send your info and some examples of work to



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Friday, April 5 (tonight), I’ll be at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC! I'm heading to town for a private event and decided last minute to play this late show. Hang outs at midnight and hitting the stage at 1AM (just me and my trusty loop pedal this time). I realize this is slightly ridiculous but hey, TGIF. Also, tis free. If you feel so inclined, stop by to hear some tunes or join me for a drink before or after my set. Rockwood is on the Lower East Side, less than a block from the 2nd Ave (F train) subway. More details at



This Sunday, April 7, I’ll be at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC near the Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin. I plan to serenade the flower gods and goddesses (fo free) from 12pm-12:30. The weather forecast you ask? 70 degrees and sunny, and right in the middle of the blossoms’ Peak Bloom. To say I’m excited would be a vast understatement. You can find more info and Cherry Blossom performance schedules at


Friday, April 12, I'll be playing a short set at IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, VA as part of a locals' night. Details have yet to be ironed out so check back at for updates.


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Finally, I’d like to give one more thank you to the Washington Area Music Association for honoring me with the 2012 Artist of the Year award. I can’t say how grateful I am for their continued love and support.




Pete's Candy Store Brooklyn, NY Wed Jan 28 2015 10:00 PM Tickets
The Path Cafe New York, NY Sat Feb 07 2015 09:00 PM  
Bright Box Winchester, VA Fri Feb 20 2015 08:00 PM Tickets
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