Chicago, IL  |  Metal / experimental instumental metal / architechtural metal,instrumental, metal, experime
Members: Eric Plonka - guitar & vocals. Justin Cape - drums. Patrick Auclair - bass & vocals


hey everyone! check out our new bandcamp page at:! we have songs and t shirts for sale!! plus, don't forget feb. 22nd at ultra lounge with WOLVHAMMER, CZAR & LORD!!

"No matter who you are or what your background is, the word scientist will immediately bring some sort of mental image to mind. You might be picturing a fifties-era-type dude, with thick black rimmed glasses, a long white coat and a pocket protector, holding a clipboard or peering into a microscope. Or you might imagine the mad scientist that you would see on late-night B-movie horror flicks, hair sticking up and a crazy gleam in his eye, or the progressive scientist from “The Fly” who discovered teleportation and ended up turning himself into a bug. Then there’s Eric Plonka of the hard edged, progressive, quirky instrumental band Scientist He’s sort of a blend of all of the above. You have to see him in action to really appreciate what I’m saying. No, I mean, you REALLY need to see this band live to understand." — Dawn Casey Perreault, Rock in Chicago

"Being tasked with describing bands is often a fraught and ambiguous task, and yet when we are looking for new tunes, it is the first thing we ask, what do they sound like or who can you compare the band too. It is often easy, and yet there is always a curveball, a band which is not easier definable or pigeonholed, simply because there are bands who are sound like no other. Enter Scientist. A 3 piece instrumental band. Who simply put are an indefinable metal juggernaut." — Aaron Pickford, Sludgelord

"Chicago metal trio Scientist (not to be confused with the Jamaican dub musician) are currently piecing together their debut album for release sometime this year. The album was recorded by Sanford Parker at Soma Studios and features guest appearances from The Atlas Moth's Stavros Giannopoulos, Dead Sheriff's Jeff Lyman, and Yakuza/Bloodiest frontman Bruce Lamont. Scientist's Eric Plonka was a founding member of Yakuza, and in many ways their forthcoming album picks up where 2002's Way of the Dead left off. We're proud to be offering a stream of four-tracks from Scientist's debut LP, which you can check out at the bottom of this post. Scientist play the Ultra Lounge TONIGHT (Friday, February 22) with Wolvhammer, Czar, and Lord. Advance tickets for the show are still available. Like many other bands, Scientist will be heading to SXSW in Austin, TX next month. They've also got a pair of Chicago shows when they return from the festival: Cobra Lounge on March 22 with At Wolves, Rollo Tomasi" — zack pollock, brooklyn vegan

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