aunt jamamas big band vigilantes

Seattle, WA
Jazz / Ambient / Acid Jazz / Trip Hop / dark wave / electronic / electronica
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We are trying to get out to other places besides Seattle

Try to to make it, as it's gonna be a good time.

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"“An experience not unlike that bit in a movie where a child wanders into some weird wonderland and ends up gazing about in slack-jawed delight.”"  Jason, Jason

"Come check this strange musical concoction out, ajbbv has been rocking seattle stages for a while now with their live space jazz thang."  Seamonster Lounge, Seamonster Lounge

"Bass-and-drum grooves, electric piano, and squalls of guitar noise all contribute to the spaced-out mood of this 37-minute EP, which straddles free jazz, trip-hop, and ambient music. It's heady stuff, and definitely not easy listening. ANDREW GOSPE"  ANDREW GOSPE, Seattle Weekly


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