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Hi everyone, the title of this message says it all really. For those that have an account with Traxsource you can purchase my latest single right now! www.traxsource.com/title/216175/keys-2-my-house It will then be released on all the other major download sites on 13th May.


Also this is out there in clubland right now getting lots of DJ support in clubs and on radio, surprisingly a big name amongst those DJs is Brandon Block! soundcloud.com/sweepthefloorrecords/wainscott-keys-2-asunder Sweep The Floor Records co owner John Steel (who I've already remixed) remixed "Keys 2 My House" a few weeks ago but something about his remix sparked off an idea..... The result; a fresh new remix with a classic house vocal!!


Thanks for your support!


Paul :)


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"I like your tunes it's hard to find real talent when it comes to house, so much sounds the same, your stuff is good. Your music takes me back to the days when real raves/parties still existed. Thanks and good work! :)"  MiZ Muzzzik, myspace

"Wainscott allows us to re-experience the joy we felt when we first heard house. The explosion of melody and rhythm WAINSCOTT provides is nothing short of invigorating this is House Music Big Bang!"  mic theory, myspace

"I really like your sound! You have a smooth, warm, spacey feel but with a strong underlying beat. You are partially enjoying the relaxing and soothing qualities while you are aware of the potential of the darkness enveloping you if you go beyond the safe point. And that in itself is exhilarating."  miss november tuesday, myspace

"DUDE!!! ur muzik gave me goose bumps!!! WOW!! keep up the AWESOME WORK!!"  lakes bear, myspace

"Really gettin down to your drops Paul! There's a certain 'vintage' authenticity to your style of House. Reminds me of happier times up the Hacienda...100% thumbs up from the West Midlands..We Salute You! Jared B x"  bryant productions (label/management), reverbnation

"7th Heaven is da bomb, absolutely killer, where can I get it. My other favorite tracks are your remix of Broken Branches & Keys 2 My House. I love your unique production style. To me it's kind of an 'ibiza-meets-new-york' sound. Keep it up. "  mike mendoza, myspace

"in the system" is really really good ! So Fresh ! I like the "melodies" in music ;)   sanik lunik mix, myspace

"I listened to your tracks, I liked 7th Heaven, some really good sounds going on, very big space with the reverb on the break, nice strings. "  hypagen, myspace

"There is a difference between trend setting producers and trend following producers. You, my friend, have a very trend setting sound in your tracks, a very new and fresh unique sound that is totally refreshing."  tony diangelo, myspace

"Really like your tracks! Great floating melodies. Started listening to one track and thought, I'd love to remix this track, then I continued with the next and the next. Really like em all:) "  martin bundsen, myspace


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