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Hi all, firstly I'd like to thank everyone recently who has commented and messaged me about my tunes, I really do appreciate that :) And secondly the main reason for this email; The official video for "I Saw You Last Night" is on you tube at last!!! It will be promoted by the label, Tactal Hots Music over the coming weeks. Check it out, it includes a robbery and me in a car chase! youtu.be/c0vAWgNUqjs Not a real robbery ofcourse :)


And thirdly "Keys 2 My House" has just been signed to a new UK label, Sweep The Floor Records. It's their debut release and currently we're waiting on a remix from Tim Le Funk. Meanwhile I've uploaded a remix of it from a British DJ called Mark Myers who has already spun my original mix at Ministry Of Sound. He has decided to name his remix 'Mark Myers Lost My Keys Remix' due to the absence of the piano part. It's a very different mix from my original but it's already receiving some great feedback from DJs!


And finally I'm currently working away on a remix for a DJ called John Steel who half owns Sweep The Floor Records. This remix will be released on Tactal Hots Music. And then I'll be doing a remix for STF Records after that. 2013 has brought me a shed load of work so far!


Thanks again for your support,


Paul :)


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"I like your tunes it's hard to find real talent when it comes to house, so much sounds the same, your stuff is good. Your music takes me back to the days when real raves/parties still existed. Thanks and good work! :)"  MiZ Muzzzik, myspace

"Wainscott allows us to re-experience the joy we felt when we first heard house. The explosion of melody and rhythm WAINSCOTT provides is nothing short of invigorating this is House Music Big Bang!"  mic theory, myspace

"I really like your sound! You have a smooth, warm, spacey feel but with a strong underlying beat. You are partially enjoying the relaxing and soothing qualities while you are aware of the potential of the darkness enveloping you if you go beyond the safe point. And that in itself is exhilarating."  miss november tuesday, myspace

"DUDE!!! ur muzik gave me goose bumps!!! WOW!! keep up the AWESOME WORK!!"  lakes bear, myspace

"Really gettin down to your drops Paul! There's a certain 'vintage' authenticity to your style of House. Reminds me of happier times up the Hacienda...100% thumbs up from the West Midlands..We Salute You! Jared B x"  bryant productions (label/management), reverbnation


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