One-Eyed Doll

You may have noticed a new class ring on Junior's finger and a certain glow about him that can only mean one thing..

Yes, the baby bump rumors are true. Junior is going steady with none other than CRUSH DRUMS! It's exclusive. He's wearing their letterman jacket!!!

Expect to see a shiny new acrylic CRUSH kit on our upcoming Spring USA tour with Otep and Picture Me Broken (that official announcement is coming next yayyy)..

We'd love to see you fans welcome CRUSH into the One-Eyed Doll family. Post some loving commentary on their FACEBOOK!!! If you've got a fan pic with Junior or fan art, post it for them to see, too! :)


More announcement stuff coming soon. I'm out on the road doing band beeswax, which is why I've been a little slow on the updates.. Thanks to Rob Ross (Lob Lobster!) for letting me use his computer for this email! And laundry! :) I'll be back at One-Eyed Doll HQ soon and will start mailing out merch and the pre-order hoodies (OH BOY THEY'RE FINALLY HERE) as soon as I get back mid next week!! YessssS!SSSSssSSSss!!! It'll be quite a process, so patience please! I can't stress enough: I do this by myself. No amazon drop shipping crew here, so kindly refrain from hitting send on that "where's my stuff" email you were about to hit me with.. ;)


Back to the CRUSH endorsement.. I'm super duper proud of Junior. He deserves this recognition and so much more! I'm expecting great things to come for my favorite drummer and salamander!!! I don't know about you, but I'm going to be pushing for a hot Maxim spread. :):):):) You can congratulate Junior on our band TWITTER and FACEBOOK!


Thanks for being the awesomest fans evurr..






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