The Roberto Machado Band

York, NYK, UK
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 Hello friends. my little list has grown to 18, which is excellent. I am now working with a bass player, Peter, and we have decided that there is music in the random noises we generally make and we have begun the process of fine tuning some of the ideas. Lyrics are starting to come which is a fantastic thing, most in english though other languages seem to be cropping up. 


Here is where you can help. We will need to crowd source some funds if we decide we need to record, which is likely, and 18, as wonderful as you are, isn't a great big list. so spread the word if you feel the work here is viable. I am hoping to have a few new ideas up in a few weeks so you can hear some of the possibilities, which is no guarantee that any of them will make the final cut.


I hope you are all doing well and that music is filling your lives.




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