JD Richards

Galveston, TX
World / Beach Country-Folk/Rock-Acoustic / Singer-songwriter
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200 songs posted. Thanks to my new friends & those who keep coming back and playing all. You honor me by telling me your favorites. Peace.    me/jd


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"J.D. Richards, Galveston-based Singer, Supports Operation Helmet Montgomery, Texas - June 21, 2006 - JD Richards is not only a prolific writer. He's also an energetic and giving part of the community, a dynamic performer and a songwriter with rare understanding of life and the ins and outs of relationships. The one thing that JD loves as much as writing and meeting new friends is living on his island, is showing his support of the troops serving around the world. JD is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the “Operation Helmet” CD project. His song “War Is Hell” will be the closing song on their CD to be sent to the those serving in our armed forces. He will be performing his music and talking about Operation Helmet from 2 pm till 4 pm on July 22nd at a CD signing at Hastings in Galveston, and again on July 31st on KPFT-FM in Houston from 3:30 pm till 4:00 pm. Semper Fi!"  Operation Helmet, Press Release

"WEST GALVESTON ISLAND MUSICIAN: J.D. Richards [ Beach Sun - Galveston, Texas - May 2005 ] by Jenna Ware Finally! Somebody has translated the island for the rest of the world! Meet Galveston singer/songwriter, J.D. Richards, who by virtue of the more than 350 songs he’s written about the island and its inhabitants, might well be called the troubadour of Galveston Island. If you’re on the island for more than, say, an hour, you will meet the very people he writes about. J.D.’s new CD, Galveston Chronicles, (released May 13) is a wonderful compilation that celebrates island life from A to Z. The title of its lead song is, guess what? Galveston! "I got tired of hearing Glenn Campbell sing about a Galveston that didn't exist for me," J.D. said, "the Jimmie Webb song doesn't capture living on "island time," so I drove my car to the seawall and wrote this song with the gulf breeze in my face."  Jenna Ware, Beach Sun

"Picture it: The 60’s, Beaumont, remember? Garage band. OK, J.D. gets in love, gets married & a baby comes along with the song writin & the guitar playin. Baby good. Marriage bad. Gets divorce. Moves to Corpus Christi to search soul, decides gotta do the music, moves to Nashville, does well, writes freelance, fallsinlovegetsmarriedgetsdivorced, gets picked up as a stringer or whatever they call those guys that get a weekly paycheck. Sells songs. Hit artists like Kathy Mattea sing his songs. Dean Martin was to record his song, “You'll Make Someone Else A Hell of a Wife," but unfortunately for everybody involved, Dean died. Oh, & I almost forgot, J.D. once again fallsinlovegetsmarriedgetsdivorced. Writes more songs. Sells more songs. Oh, & … forget it, this is making me dizzy. Where are the babies? Oh, here they come. Falls in love. Gets married. Has babies! Writes songs. Sells songs. Loses feeling in left hand, cannot play guitar for eight and a half years."  Jenna Ware, Beach Sun


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