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Brookhaven, PA
Hip Hop / Funk
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Hey first we would like to thank everyone that came out to support our Thanksgiving Dessert show with Soraia, it was an awesome event. We have some great shows coming up as we gear up and get ready for 2013. This Friday we will be making our first appearance in Northeast Philly at Studio 98, playing once again with Soraia and some other great bands. Filling in for Kev and Pat for this night will be Chuck Treece on drums and Low B Puffy D from Da Rezarekt on Bass.
This will be a pre cursor show for when we return with our Family on Febuary 15th for a Funky Soulful Valentine.

The Video for "Gotta Look Up" is almost done and it looks amazing. everyone in the band did a great job acting in it and Kevin Frank shot it and brought the song to life visually. We can't wait for you all to see it so we will have a video premier party/show December 20th at The legendary Dobbs on south Street. This will be The New Experience debut show at Dobbs and we hope you all come out to celebrate the video and the holidays with us.

To kick Off 2013 we have a big headlining show at The Rebel Rock Bar in Philly. This will mark the end and the beginning of a new era for Supreem and The New Experience. This will be the last show for Kevin Frank as our drummer. He will still be a big part and help to the band but he has some great things on the horizon that will blow your minds. So please stay in the loop by checking our website for all updates and upcoming events. Hope you all be blessed this Christmas and have a happy New Year. One love, Supreem And The New Experience!


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"These days, Philly hip-hop mainstay Supreem Dareglater goes by, simply, Supreem. But while his moniker may be stripped down, his new sound is amped up, filled out, funked up and louder than ever. His latest band, Supreem and the New Experience, is a tight fit on almost any local stage, with 12 members performing an upbeat, feel-good blend of old-school funk and hip-hop. “I never saw this coming. When I pictured myself performing these songs, I just saw two turntables and a microphone,” says Supreem. But when longtime session musician — and now PEW Fellow — Chuck Treece entered the recording process, Supreem’s vision changed completely. “I kept trying to convince him to do drums on the recordings and, eventually, somehow, he wound up playing almost every instrument. He’s just amazing. Suddenly the sound was real live and organic,” explains Supreem. “I still didn’t want to put a band together for live shows, but then my manager laid it out to me."  Bruce Walsh, The Metro

"Supreem and the New Experience create the kind of music that pays homage to the classic music of their roots with a fresh new sound and a live show that can’t help but be noticed. “We are bringing back the real funk and hip hop that’s been missing from music for so long, and a stage show that is unrivaled by anyone, signed or unsigned,” said Supreem. “[We have] a real DJ, DJ Xzotixc D, cutting with records and a horn section, just bringing real music back.” He wants fans of his music to not only enjoy the music but to grasp the meaning. “See, my music is like life, you gotta look up to get down,” said Supreem. “We need to be thankful for what we got and have faith for what we want and in the meantime work hard so we can play hard too until our goals are met. Nobody can party all the time or be angry all the time. We have to take the good with the bad and do things in moderation and use wisdom to ensure a long, good life. That's what I want people to get out of my mus"  Kat Coffin, Examiner

"Four-Point Shots May Be Sexy, But Are They Sexy Enough to Get You to Watch Summer Ball? -- There's a live band, whom I believe went by the name "Supreme and the New Experience" (but don't hold me to that), who played before and after the game and during all breaks. This isn't a rule change, but it was really phenomenal anyway."  Nick Menta, The 700 Level


Holiday Inn Morgantown Morgantown, PA Fri Feb 20 2015 07:00 PM  
The Klinik Detroit, MI Sat Mar 14 2015 08:00 PM  
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