Me & Em

Joplin, MO
Experimental / Progressive / Alternative
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Hi Fans,
If you like our music, check out our new project "Clark Nova and The Radio Eye" -
We are a group of 3 musicians based in Joplin, MO creating visionary progressive rock music.

-Here's the link onSoundcloud!

Baxter Jones, Donny & Emily Wesson


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"In honor of the 2014 Fall Equinox we have released this album which forms the essence of our current paradigm. Recorded before our marriage in St. John & St. Thomas, beginning a life together that has become our collective lucid dream. An existentialist ruse, Bringing forth the initiate to a point of staggered understanding through which they may find solace in the unknown. The fall equinox, the initiate, the final chapter. Archaic tribal chants for the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Lucid dreams are brought about by listening on repeat. Astral projecting behind the veil of the collective unconscious. Delicate endeavors to discover the states in between waking and sleeping."  Me & Em, Equinox Album Release

"Directly supporting the artists who make it, Me & Em's song "The Mud" is now featured in the favorites section of the visionary artist's BandCamp site!"  Adam Scott Miller, BandCamp Favorite Artists Section

"A ride through the growing, mutating and developing creative consciousness that is "Me & Em""  Emily Jones & Donny Wesson, '93' Our New EP


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