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Brighton, MA  |  Alternative / sci-fi mambo / experimental pop
Members: ajax, gizmo, ajr,

Hi dear fellow monkeys riding an organic orb spaceship called earth.


We have had our busiest year ever with 2012 and it's its already extending into april for 2013.


Some exciting upcoming updates about recordings in progress:


Jared Dylan's single "Mistakes"  being released nationally.


Erika Van Pelt : season 11 finalist is currently  in recording .


New Music from  Randal Vera


Casey Desmond:  New album release (on i tunes now "deja vu")


Mad The Martian:  full album of the most detailed and handcrafted vintage /futuristic rock music.  Made with

no instruments built after 1979 this is a sonic joyride into the future and the past at the same time.  The Martian brothers

Jack (Jupiter8ball) and Bob (Ron E. Raygunn and Ajax (rayovac) are going to be animated for the debut in 2013.  look for the tv show and movie in 2014.


New music from Steven Scola of "Cranes"


New music from Matthew Wade in the form of a FAB third album from My Silent Bravery


New music from Mark Farner (grand funk railroad)


New music from BIG WOOD for a national radio Media Base single


lots of new projects on the horizon including the soundtrack for the animated film Infinite Santa.


we always space out and forget someone, if you get this letter and see your name missing ,  contact us and we will add you to this update at www.bopnique.com


look for major updates in the next quarter. 


we post new music weekly at: www.soundcloud.com/ajax 



thanks for being a part of the post indie revolution at bopnique.




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