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Hey everyone!


Great to be back on Reverbnation and awesome news! I've got a new recording set! Thanks to everyone, I managed to get myself a proper set now!

Check it out on my facebook page here

Also, I'm beginning to make more new gameplay videos! Check them out here. 


And, huge thanks to Denmasters Studio for the latest gameplay video themesong! 

Check the song out on my Reverbnation here, Goodbye and Bam! (Ziq Yong Exclusive).

Check their Reverbnation here


Finally, all song will be priced at USD 0.89 just for 10 days, (18th July 2012 till 28th July 2012) as a welcome back present from me. (Demos will be priced at USD 0.59 for this time too)

Black and Pink Shirts are now USD 22.99 just for 10 days too.

So, HURRY and buy them all up now before it's set back to its usual value. Buy it here!

Remember, all purchases HELPS me A LOT!  


Wish you guys and awesome day and super thanks for the support everyone!


Ziq Yong.


P.S: Missed the last newsletter? Scroll down and read it up! :D


Heya guys!


Thanks for becoming my fan!

TCrash is AWESOME! He made me this great song called 3,2,1...It's Ziq Yong! for my birthday!

Listen to it on my Reverbnation account here. The song is inspired by my gameplays!

Like it? Buy it here! Your purchase will really help me and TCrash!

It's USD$1 so please please please support us by purchasing this awesome song! 

You have no idea how much I will cry if you do buy it. 

Also, share the song to your friends and also have a watch of my gameplays here.

Check T Crash out here: http://soundcloud.com/tcrash

I can't update much anymore because it's my final semester for college and I have a month full of exam next month so I'm really sorry if I don't seem to reply or such that fast. I still LOVE YOU ALL!


Thanks!! <3

Ziq Yong




I wanna help my fellow Reverbnation family to get more recognition so here's the plan!

I am currently uploading videos of me playing online games with my friends. I also try to interview them and my game sessions are just...interesting.

Here's a view: 





-Please like my facebook first: www.facebook.com/AuzeeRosmadee

-Subscribe my youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ZeeBET65

-Games must be free OR in my STEAM account. (Computer games only)

-Join my steam group: steamcommunity.com/groups/ziqyong 

-Contact me on my facebook page and inbox me your youtube,reverbnation,facebook and steam account.

-Give me an mp3 of your chosen song. Choose your best song or ask me which song I'll prefer to play for the  gameplay.


Games I currently have on my steam and usually use: (Remember, CO-OP GAMES ONLY)

Killing Floor (Zombie Demolition game)

Left 4 Dead (Zombie Survival Game)

League of Legends (North America and Eu West Server only.)


I hope you'll consider and respond soon. :D


For those who would like to make themesongs for my shows, read below!


I'm creating gameplays video and I'm looking for someone who would offer to make themesongs for free.

Here's one of my video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLmJISDOqb4 


An example of vibes I like: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb4cSGw3H5A




Genre is unlimited. However I would love to have dubstep/ electronic/ambient etc. Slow or fast, you decide.

The songs could be horror focused/comical/epic/etc.

I'll be more than happy to have my vocals in it as well if you like.  Songs can have vocals of me laughing,screaming,my weird phrases (the juice machine lies, i don't even anymore) or etc from my videos.


On that note, I am also happy to collaborate to cover songs or sing songs of your own creation.

Just hit me up if you're interested. :D


Also, I welcome anyone who wishes to remaster or create a remix of my song, Escape To Euphoria.

I'm nice and I'll work with any kind of genre. :D 

Appropriate credits will be given! So contact me if you're interested! :D

Send me a direct message here or

Like www.facebook.com/AuzeeRosmadee then give me a wall post/message that you're interested.


I don't have a manager, I work alone and moderate my FB, Myspace, and RV and everything else you see All by myself. 

So help me~ OTL~ Thats a picture of me kneeling down on the floor, face down begging you to help me achieve my (CLICHE TIME!) dream




Buy my merch! Your support will help me vastly!

 My song, Calm Darkness is free for download and  so is my cover to Adam Lambert's If I had You.



Thanks Everyone!

You all are amazing!

Love xxxx <3

-Ziq Yong


P.S: In case you haven't read these:

Rules to becoming an awesome fan......


Read this carefully. I spent 10 whole hours to make this message.




Subscribe me! Yes....Subscribe me....Do it....Do it....You did? WHEEE!


Please like my facebook page by clicking www.facebook.com/AuzeeRosmadee

Good, click it and press the like button! Did you click it? Are you sure you clicked like? You did? Very well then!

And then share me to all your friends by clicking all the buttons above this message which has facebook, twitter; etc.


Also, visit my youtube here  ZIQ YONG YOUTUBE .Subscribe me! Did you subscribe? I can see my email you know... Did you??? YAY


And my myspace HERE  


Oh YEAH! Recommend me too on Reverbnation. Come on.. Just do it, yes.....YAY!

Whee! And the rest of the buttons, you get the picture.



If you wish to work with me or contact me really, I'm pretty nice so I'll be there for you therefore, don't worry about hesitating to send me a direct message!




Your support will help me improve as an independent musician! 


Lots of Love <3

- Ziq Yong




"She has quite an extremely unique personality. She has the ability to morph from an extremely funny girl with very witty and hilarious responses into someone who performs with so much soul and energy and emotion. Her live performances are wonderful! Never thought she had it in herself!"  Gandalf and Naruto fans

"Definitely different!"  Anonymous


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