Ignite The Flame

Biloxi, MS
Christian/Gospel / Christian Rock / Hard Rock
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 All fans of Ignite The Flame,


It has been awhile since our last fanmail, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season this year! We have been caught up in a bunch of stuff lately, hence why things with production and updates have been quite slow, nearly inactive. We are able to get back to business though, and really do some work again. 


Lately for the little time we did have, we have been doing some promoting to gather some support. To mention, we have received our very first press quote thanks to the people at BoneYard TV which is available to read at the bottom of this letter, in the section titled "Press." Go check BoneYard out at http://www.boneyardtv.net


Starting off the new 2013 year, we are hoping to finish our first album we have set called "Broken Chains." We hope you all are looking forward to the album. Lyrics are to come as soon as I finish the tracks for the album, unless we are able to find us a new lyrics producer, then we can finish them at nearly the same time. Writing everything and mixing takes a long time, hence why we need the producer if we can get one.


We are now taking donations for promotional ads. If you feel like you can donate, go to http://www.reverbnation.com/ninja/gift_card_purchase/artist_2435928 

Thank you in advance for any we receive. 


That is about it for this update. We hope all of our fans have a good time and God Bless to you all.

Rock on and remember...

Always put your focus on God, even during hardships. He can make all things possible, and with His help, God will use you to save others!


- Ignite The Flame



"The Hard hitting sound of Ignite the Flame pulsates, and roars that Jesus is King, any worshiper of God would love this sound! The riveting worship of the lead guitar will rush any christian into the very throne room of God!"  Kevin Phillips, Boneyard TV


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