Alma Negra

Chicago, IL
Metal / Garage/ Space Doom / Psychedelic/ Dirge Rock
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Hello everybody,


Just a quick heads up for this Saturday, March 9th. Alma Negra will be sharing the stage with High on Low and Lyra Hill as part of the Official Chicago Underground Film Festival this week. More information and details below:


Saturday March 9 11pm
20th Chicago Underground Film Festival After-party with Low on High, Alma Negra and Lyra Hill!
Sponsored by Finch's Beer Co.
show time: 11pm
$7, $5 for CUFF ticket holders


Hope to see some familiar faces

and thank you for the support!


Alma Negra


"Alma Negra is still technically a baby band, albeit one that emerged, fully formed and noisy as the dickens, from the primordial ooze of Chicago rock history. The astute will hear a lot of local heroes in this outfit, from Jesus Lizard to the aforementioned Pinebender to that Big Black/Shellac provenance. And yet there isn't a derivative bone in the hard-rocking skeleton of this group. This is rock. ....only warriors need come to this show. It's been a while since music critic types have been this gushy about a local act, but the praise is well deserved. Tempos are up, guitars and distortion are abundant, and then Erin Page starts singing … and that's that. It's sonic rapture of the most glorious kind."  Chicago Tribune

"Reckless Records review of the split: "HELL YEAH. 2012 split LP from two of Chicago's newest, heaviest, beer-swillingest bands. ALMA NEGRA have some serious love for the MELVINS going on, but with their aloof, female vocals, they sometimes remind us of JUCIFER's non-screamy songs. Although their first two songs chug right along, the last song on their side is a slow burn (pun fully intended) which we really like. HIMALAYAN's songs are more full-steam-ahead, but still offer plenty of riffage similar to bands like HIGH ON FIRE or IRON AGE. The only drawback is that this LP doesn't come with a bag of weed & a sixer of Old Style. Otherwise, trust us on this one . . . it's RECOMMENDED! ""  Reckless Records

"All original heavy Chicago quartet for fans of metal, psych, noise, and punk. "The quartet's lineup is like the ultimate marriage of local garage and metal""  - J.R. Nelson, Chicago Reader.


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