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Stroudsburg, PA
Rock / Punk / Pop
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Three New Releases by Chris Olson - Over Three Decades in the Making!

“Just the right amount of too many guitars” - After 37 years of playin’ the guitar, I’ve finally decided to “officially” release some of the music my fingers came up with.

Where Were You” - Instrumental Rock - a funk-rock muscle car with a 500 horsepower MotorHead engine, a Ramones transmission and a set of Foo Fighters slicks that are barely street legal and ready to melt the pavement!  (Also featured in Kourtney & Kim Take New York)


What I Remember” - Instrumental Rock - A night in Seattle capped off with a drunk driver hit-and-run on the top level of the viaduct inspired this song.

Blizzard Song” - Instrumental Rock - A tribute to Randy Rhoads through the distorted fingers of a guitarist he inspired as a kid.

So, here’s the deal - I’m practically giving away these singles for $0.49. But for a limited time, buy one, and get one of my EP’s for free! Buy 2 singles for $0.49 each and get both of my EP’s for free.... But wait, there’s more!! Buy all 3 (blah blah 49 cents each) and get both EP’s, AND a bunch of other BONUS tracks and demos thrown in! All you gotta do is email me (  and let me know what track(s) you purchased through CD Baby, and which EP(s) you’d like to have for free! Let’s see how many trifectas I can come up with - I want to give away thousands of tracks (wishful thinking)!

Buy any single (via, get a free EP of your choice!

Light (EP) - the lighter side of my sound:
All I Can Do Is Say, Sand Dollar, On My Way Home (Acoustic), We Believe In You, Irish Wristwatch

Heavy (EP) - the louder side of my sound:
You Really Gotta Rock, Black Gold Monster, Bainbridge, Squatch, On My Way Home (Rock)

Bonus (EP) - buy all 3 singles to get both Light / Heavy EP’s, plus these tracks:
Bottle In A Message, Funky Speed, She Wants To Go There, We Believe In You (Acoustic Guitar), Uncoil The Length

If you can’t fork out right now for such an awesome deal, please don’t let it stop you from streamin’ my soundcloud for free. Listen to all the songs listed above, and more, at! Feedback is appreciated.  

- Chris Olson is a veteran of the Seattle Grunge scene of the late 80’s and 90’s as both a musician and a sound engineer. He has shared the stage with members of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden to name just a few. His catalog spans multiple styles of music -  “If Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Ottmar Liebert and Kurt Cobain formed a band together, you’d get the genre bending collection of tracks found in Chris Olson’s discography!”





"(ORIGINAL ROCK INSTRUMENTAL BLIZZARDSONG) Love the song! Has an epic feel to the structure ... like, kinda... Arm-hairs raised up epic! (Braedon)"  Braedon, Riffworld

"(COVER OF TOM PETTY BREAKDOWN) Shit, your music proves yer state of talent....I keep comin back! (AlteredAxis)"  AlteredAxis, Riffworld

"(COVER OF JIMI HENDRIX LITTLE WING) -- Another sparkler. The classical piece was great and this back to basics set is one to savour. Guitar and vox is my favourite style. Less is more musically and you are proving that here! -- MacMurphy"  MacMurphy, Riffworld


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