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Dear everyone:

The summer is winding down rapidly -- and the Jewish High Holidays begin in less than two weeks!

It has been a crazy and busy summer for me, musically and in other ways. I've finished all the songs I plan to include on "Ten Miles"; I've traveled to Kansas and to the Grand Canyon to share my music with Jewish communities there; and I've begun rehearsals and have reserved studio time to record "Ten Miles" this fall.

In addition, I've been taking stock, something I do every year right before High Holidays. The Jewish new year is a time of renewal and of cleaning the slate. It has been quite a year since I left the bicycle industry and decided to pursue Jewish education and music on a more full-time basis. There have been bumps along the way. I have tried to learn from my mistakes, and to make amends with anyone I've hurt as a result of them. There have been surprising succeses as well, moments of sweet reassurance that I took the right step last September and that, with hard work and mindfulness, I can continue on this path.

I approach this new year, the Jewish Year 5774, with trepidation and hopefulness. What is the next step in my growth as an artist, as a teacher and as a human being? And how will I know which direction to take? One of the challenges of self-producing everything is that I sometimes have to just guess, and hope that my hunches are right. But know that, when it comes to my music, I'm doing it for all of you -- my supporters and friends who like what I do and who encourage me to keep at it.

I've included a link here to a song I wrote for this time of year, a new setting of "Achat Sha'alti":


Achat Sha'alti me'et Adonai, otah avakeish
Shiv'ti b'veit Adonai kol yamei chayyai.

One thing I ask of You, O God:
that I may dwell in Your house all the days of my life.

(from Ps. 27)

The demo is very, very rough -- a result of the limitations of the technology available to me in my DIY universe -- but I promise that a better version will be available later on! I just wanted to get it out there in time for High Holidays. This one will be up at the Reverb site untl Friday, August 30. If you are a Jewish synagogue musician and want a copy of the lead sheet for use at your shul this fall, plaese contact me and let me know asap.


Upcoming dates, with links where noted:

-- Live interview on The Sprocket Podcast: This online radio program on bicycles and DIY culture is hosted by Brock Dittus, who will interview me on the intersection of bicycles and spirituality. Live, in-studio perforance of some of my music will be included - Monday evening, August 26.
-- S'lichot at Havurah Shalom in Portland (825 NW 18th) - Saturday, 8/31/13 at 8:30 pm (begins with a short Havdalah service)
-- Rosh Hashanah at Havurah Shalom, held at the Tiffany Center on SW Morrison, Sept 4th and 5th (see link for times)


Meanwhile, I hope your fall is beautiful and meaningful! If you have the opportunity where you live, be sure to get outside and watch the changing colors -- there are trees in my city that are already beginning to turn from green to gold -- and revel in nature's gifts.
If you observe the Jewish High Holidays, may you have a new year filled with sweetness and peace.
All the best -- Beth


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"There's nothing else like it! It's bright acoustic pop and folk, performed with hearty, honest joy... it's inspired, and inspiring."  Victory Review

"Hamon's music is an idiosyncratic blend of folk, roots, old time string band and pop, with an irrepressible energy..."  Oregon Jewish Life

"Very melodic! Beth Hamon takes a fresh, hip approach to contemporary Jewish Music."  Cantor Wally Schachet-Briskin, URJ


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