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Atlanta, GA
Americana / Acoustic / Experimetal
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Hope everyone is doing well.  Sending a quick update and notification about Sans Abri.  We're coming to the end of studio-work for the first EP.  All instruments and vocals have been recorded, and now we are entering the mixing stage.  First draft of the mix has been done.  Next step is to relisten with this protocol: burn an old-fashioned CD, then find a late 80s Lincoln Continental with a CD player, insert disc, and cruise around blasting our work...that's the only way to get a real perspective of listeners, right?  Soon enough, the music will be available for all to enjoy!  Keep ya posted.




On another note, we'll be playing a show at The Earl in East Atlanta this Sunday along with The Good Graces and Auction House Letters-- two fabulous bands from ATL coming to jump on stage with us all for $5.  Can you think of a better way to spend Memorial Day Eve?  Here is the info: TICKETS , FB Event



Doors: 8pm
8:30- The Good Graces
9:30- Auction House Letters
10:30- Sans Abri



Looking forward to seein' y'all soon,




Josh & Michael



"Sans Abri provides a refreshing sound with the album "Shelter." The lyrics are honest and have depth to them. The songs were written intentionally, not just thrown together. The combination of the voices of the duo and the instruments create a natural, pure sound. The songs are organized to contrast one another. The more serious songs are surrounded by optimistic ones, creating a variety of emotions upon listening to the album."  Hannah Smith, Red and Black

"Guitar and mandolin interplay forms the tension and playfulness of Shelter, with Erwin and Paynter’s harmonies dotting moments of healing. Where at first the songs of Shelter may appear to be sarcastic, tossed-off jokes, further analysis finds both depth and longing to be probed."  Bucket Full of Nails

"Shelter is a truly outstanding album that is much deeper than at first glance. Erwin and Paynter's voices entertwine, bounce off each other and harmonize, as do their instruments. It's really something to hear the way they work together to create something lyrical, entertaining, and yes, beautiful. It's already one of my favorite albums this year."  Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops


Altamont Brewing Company Asheville, NC Thu Mar 12 2015 09:00 PM  
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