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Atlanta, GA
Americana / Acoustic / Experimetal
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Hope y'all are all doing well.  We've been chugging along through the spring and suckin' up the pollen as the counts continue rising here in Georgia.  Thanks again for taking the time to check us out and for subscribing to the newsletter!


LOVELY, Lovely, lovely, lovely :

One of the most fun things to do as a band is to work out the events surrounding a show.  March 15, we were asked to open up for our friends, The Infamous Stringdusters, in Atlanta, GA at Terminal West.  It had been a couple years since Michael & had worked with them with Packway and it was really good to catch up with those guys again.  We arranged a way to for us to get together before the show at the Sweetwater Brewery for a short meet-and-greet hosted by us & the Stringdusters.  Getting back out to the brewery was a good reminder of how lucky folks in the ATL are to have such a great indoor-outdoor brewery/venue/beer-tasting-lush-loving spot in town that hosts regular tours and music!  The beers at the brewery happened on the 14th, and the show went down on the 15th.   Special thanks to Georgia Conservancy for joining the show too!  Very pleased with both nights!





Saturday, March 30 at World Famous Athens in Athens, GA we’re supporting our friends, The High Strung String Band, for their album release show for “Rise and Shine”


Wednesday, April 3 at El Burrito in Columbia, SC we’re playing with Those Lavender Whales and powerkompany—Andrew (from Packway) & Karolyn [the night before Packway plays there…how convenient, eh?!]


Here’s a live video performance from the fall of our arrangement of “Naïve Melody”…just a quick, happy to see-ya-again note!




In addition to that Sans is happy to be a part of a new record compilation put out by Twin Cousins Records available at their Bandcamp Website.  We're contributing Michael's song "Self Preservation".  11 tracks with 11 East Coast Artists!  After the compilation is released, the first EP featuring 7 songs will be released by Sans will come to fruition later this spring.  Sample vid here of Sans’ song!



Hope to see ya soon,


Josh E & Michael P


Facebook & Twitter handle: @sansabriband





"Sans Abri provides a refreshing sound with the album "Shelter." The lyrics are honest and have depth to them. The songs were written intentionally, not just thrown together. The combination of the voices of the duo and the instruments create a natural, pure sound. The songs are organized to contrast one another. The more serious songs are surrounded by optimistic ones, creating a variety of emotions upon listening to the album."  Hannah Smith, Red and Black

"Guitar and mandolin interplay forms the tension and playfulness of Shelter, with Erwin and Paynter’s harmonies dotting moments of healing. Where at first the songs of Shelter may appear to be sarcastic, tossed-off jokes, further analysis finds both depth and longing to be probed."  Bucket Full of Nails

"Shelter is a truly outstanding album that is much deeper than at first glance. Erwin and Paynter's voices entertwine, bounce off each other and harmonize, as do their instruments. It's really something to hear the way they work together to create something lyrical, entertaining, and yes, beautiful. It's already one of my favorite albums this year."  Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops


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Altamont Brewing Company Asheville, NC Thu Mar 12 2015 09:00 PM  
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