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Hi y'all,


Hopefully, this e-mail finds you well.  Keep your stride you've set for the holiday season, they're just getting started! In the mean time, you should come blow off some steam with us at a show.  We're here for ya!


In other news, Michael & Josh are in the midst of recording the first Sans Abri album.  This will feature 6-7 original songs [a selection of which that you may preview at the band's Soundcloud Page (live versions from the Red Clay Theatre).  In addition to the album we're recording, we're happy to be working with Twin Cousins and their first compilation release that you may read about here.  Really cool folks that work with really cool East Coast bands-- from Syracuse to Athens and Atlanta.  Release date should be March 2013 sometime.  


That's all the good words we got for ya.  Please hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and stay in touch!  Looking forward to getting out around the South some more!

There is a handful of Atlanta shows coming up and there will be a handful more we'll be releasing at the beginning of the new year.  See ya soon!




Wed, Dec 5, 8pm


Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA opening for Tara Nevins of Donna the Buffalo!  Tix here.



Fri, Dec 21, 9pm

The Star Bar in Atlanta, GA opening for Sailing to Denver

This is their album release show, more info here.  "According to the Mayans there aren't too many days left on the calendar. It's safest to assume that the end of the world is nigh, right?

Sailing To Denver will be releasing their new album on what may be the last night of the world. Sans is happy to be joining them at the Star Bar in ATL. Hope y'all can make it out...this might be the last time you will EVER be able to see this line-up while we're all still here on EARTH!! check event for details!"






Hope to see y'all soon!

Josh & Michael



Not necessarily adhered to strict expectations associated with bluegrass, but still connected to Americana roots and infused with a bit of alternative rock. This is what forms a shelter for Sans Abri. Josh Erwin and Michael Paynter are able to give their sound and songs a home by creatively involving acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, live and looped percussion, as well as vocal arrangements.

The inception of this band came around November 2011 when The Packway Handle Band was asked to perform as part of a tribute to John Prine. Josh and Michael were the only two members who were available to jump on the roster. Arranging those songs [and later, some Tom Waits songs for another tribute night show] turned out to be great exercises to hear just what these two forces could come up with. Not much longer after that evening, they played their first show together as Sans Abri at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA. They combined a setlist from handful of songs they had individually written and arranged them for the concert. These songs have continued to evolve with the addition of percussion, new ideas, harmonies, and accompaniment. The band is in pursuit of filling up as much space with sound that two individuals are capable of generating.

The literal translation of "Sans Abri" is "without shelter". The French use it as a term for "homeless". Josh and Michael have given a home to these songs and are providing shelter for many more creations to come. They are in the midst of recording the first album of songs. Release date will be later in 2012.


"...the distinct duo of Paynter and his mustachioed partner Josh Erwin flaunted a rich sound and interlacing vocal harmonies at Flicker last night. Though the band stuck with upbeat tempos, it played with rhythm and genre throughout. The duo distances itself from the bluegrass style of Packway Handle Band, from which it’s infused with a bit of alternative rock, the pair can’t hide their Americana roots."-- Red & Black 2/12/12 by Kerry Boyles

"What audiences will hear from Sans Abri will maintain a spiritual connection to Packway Handle's rousing bluegrass-inspired folk, but with a distinct identity...As Sans Abri...they have also been able to distance themselves from the stylistic expectations associated with bluegrass. That alone has been worth the added challenge of keeping people engaged with fewer men onstage" -- Times Free Press Chattanooga 3/30/12 by Casey Phillips


"Sans Abri provides a refreshing sound with the album "Shelter." The lyrics are honest and have depth to them. The songs were written intentionally, not just thrown together. The combination of the voices of the duo and the instruments create a natural, pure sound. The songs are organized to contrast one another. The more serious songs are surrounded by optimistic ones, creating a variety of emotions upon listening to the album."  Hannah Smith, Red and Black

"Guitar and mandolin interplay forms the tension and playfulness of Shelter, with Erwin and Paynter’s harmonies dotting moments of healing. Where at first the songs of Shelter may appear to be sarcastic, tossed-off jokes, further analysis finds both depth and longing to be probed."  Bucket Full of Nails

"Shelter is a truly outstanding album that is much deeper than at first glance. Erwin and Paynter's voices entertwine, bounce off each other and harmonize, as do their instruments. It's really something to hear the way they work together to create something lyrical, entertaining, and yes, beautiful. It's already one of my favorite albums this year."  Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops


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