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Greetings and Salutations

Just returned to San Francisco after a few fun-filled days in Los Angeles at IndieFestUSA for a film festival. I was so pleased to screen "Fairy Tale Love" music video as well as have two screenplays accepted, but didn't expect to win an award! That was an honor as it was enough to just be part of the festival, meet filmmakers and watch indie films!

This past month has been a ton of fun connecting and listening to new music and crazy hard work... many of you know that Aoede's What Are Dreams Made Of? is on the ballot in consideration for Grammy Nomination for BEST CHILDREN'S ALBUM! Incredibly thrilled and just appreciate all of your support. I've really enjoyed meeting new people both virtually and in person and having the opportunity to hear beautiful and compelling music spanning multiple genres from all over the world! Now, we wait (and cross all appendages) until December 6th to hear who makes the next round of Nominations! This is the stuff Dreams Are Made Of!!!

Here's something fun for kids and for the KID in all of us (that's YOU)!!
A Hidden Objects Game For You to Play! (Just Click on the Picture and it will load :) )



Thank You! Really enjoyed this intimate event in the Granny Smith Room-nestled among cherished classics-and opportunity to share behind the scenes of
What Are Dreams Made Of?
through story, videos and music!

Buy "What Are Dreams Made Of?"
on iTunes.

"All I can say is I love your album. I just listen and I can just tell how hard you worked on it. I really like how you put all the different elements together. It's not just a music album. GREAT GREAT JOB!"
James Cravero

"I love the way the melodic voices would play with each other at times as a conversation... Overall,
the feel is great. The mix of dialog and music is just right, and when the songs kick in, they’re very good... It will be exciting to see where you take this in the future... Thinking as a dad, this would be awesome for a road trip!"
Peter Apel

"Had a listen to your album already and it's one of the best things I've heard this season - congrats"
Wouter Kellerman

"Wonderful storytelling, beautifully integrated with the music and I loved the maturity and language of it all. It really treats kids like little grownups!"
Michael Lewin

Incredibly Honored This Month!



and was featured on iTunes Home Page!

Aoede Shouts, Features & Radio Play Angels

Patrick for a most wonderful  review of WADMO in VENTS magazine! "If this album were any better it would be on Broadway!"

Parents Choice for Parents Choice Recommended Award WADMO!
 CureJM for partnering on Perfect Day for Songs For A Cure (all proceeds for Perfect Day will go to CureJM for 2013) 

Carol for featuring Fairy Tale Love and WADMO on Twitter Tuesday Live Oct 15th!

MUSEBOAT Radio for featuring Bittersweet for more weeks and months than I can even recall!

Justin Sane Show for featuring Aoede and WADMO

IDC for featuring Aoede and WADMO on iTunes!

MewsBuzz-Radio for featuring Aoede's Love Proof!

CMN (Children's Music Network) for a wonderful conference and opportunity to workshop and meet artists in person! 

Check out these great reviews of Is Love A Fairy Tale?: Sue Garrison, Erica Chao, Angela Addington, Pamela Rote, Dawn Wittenhagen, Natosha Miller

Check out these great reviews of What Are Dreams Made Of?: Angela Bowers, Gladys Parker,
Sue Garrison, Tiffany Crooker, Rebecca Bryant
, Stacie Wyatt, Jessica Compton

"Our niece who is a tween has loved this mystical storyline. It's inspired her to be writing her own story line with music. She loves to sing and write, so this C.D had her really excited. I'm thinking AOEDE should continue her journeys, it could inspire young people everywhere to reach for the meaning of their dreams." Gladys Parker


Aoede's Angels

"Love your music! you remind me of ingrid michaelson."
(Thanks for Sjofn from Eagle River, AK)

"Wonderful dreamy music from the dark and light side of the mind, quite exciting. Just let the mind wander"
(Thanks for
Dave Joanes from

Want more? See Aoede's Angels
What You Are Saying about Aoede's Is Love A Fairy Tale?:

"Thank you once again Aoede for this lovely tale on a Cd.
I can't get enough of it!! I was listening to it, once it arrived..I was running from the mailbox to the house just to play it. :) Its just that exciting and good..
" Natosha Miller

"My daughter is 11 and loves music and theater so this audio-book she found interesting. She liked the song  Make It Up As You Go--we also enjoyed the story coming to life on the web site and watching the short videos." Pamela Rote

"This CD is so catchy and unique. The music is very fun and engaging and you will even think of it when it is not playing! When I had a few of my friends with kids over the kids were all loving this. My friends want to get this now for their kids too." Sue Garrison





 Aoede Music     


"Sniderman and her talented troupe of singers, character voices and musicians gallantly travel through this ambitious undertaking. Listeners will recognize when some of Sniderman’s characters borrow traits from the greats who have gone before–Yoda, Gollum and Dobby, for example. The Dream Sequence reminded some of the playful and witty dialogue from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. We applaud the creative effort and hope that Sniderman will work to further home her structure story and develop her characters to carry on in future fantasy adventures."  Parents Choice, Parents Choice-Recommended Award-Storytelling


San Carlos Children's Theater San Carlos, CA Sat May 24 14 07:00 PM Tickets
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