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Aoede News From the Muse ♪♫ FEB

Greetings !

A BIG Welcome to all of you who have just reached out over the past month! My thanks YOU for being a significant part of Aoede's extended family, and I look forward to more connecting with you through FB, twitter, blog, and/or email! Please read on for this month's highlights! Huge thanks as always to YOU for reading, supporting and engaging!  Please write and update me too. Connecting just wouldn't be the same without you!


Compelling pop for your  ...
by an award-winning muse with an enchantingly quirky soprano voice

                           Up Close and Personal                        

What makes you SHINE?

Wow! What a glorious month, and so many cool events that brought out my inner and outer shine! In early February, Dave and I went to LA for the Artists in Music Awards in Hollywood, and though Aoede didn't win this time, I am still incredibly honored to be 2X nominated and to just to take part in such a wonderful event! THANK YOU again for your support and all those clicks!

Here is an Aoede Interview from "IN (click on pic)


Aoede and AIMA Country Nominee Alex Cartwright


Then we were fortunate to attend a Grammy Nominee Party for our friend and amazing artist Arun Shenoy and meet some wonderful artists like K'Sandra!


Aoede and Roshni at Arun's Nominee Party


Next we got to play with the Butterflies Radio gang-Mark and Carol-for lunch at the Saddle Ranch (where Aoede didn't ride a bull...)


On Sunday, we had the great privilege to attend the Grammy Awards Party! Here's Aoede shining and rockin out to the B-52s (see also pic above with Laura Sullivan!)



What makes you SHINE?  

                     Memorable Musical Moments                     

1. NEW AOEDE SINGLE: "Little Things" released on iTunes Feb 12th (Aoede-vocal version)
For the KID in all of us!


Happiness is the little things-like wiggling your toes, playing Candyland, dancing along to your favorite song!"


2. Aoede's 7 Ahas and Take-Aways from SF Music Tech Summit XII in San Francisco:

Having spent a few years focusing on, growing and building relationships online through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation, I am crazy fascinated about the intersection of music and tech! I was privileged to attend SF MusicTech Summit’s twelfth conference in San Francisco on February 19th! We all know how overwhelming, stimulating and completely packed full of information music conferences are...


3. Aoede Shouts, Features & Radio Play Angels:

BIG THANKS to GIRLS TALK TV for featuring Aoede on Women in Music! Click pic to check out interview and video!


HEARTFELT THANKS to King Minion for featuring Aoede on Podcast Ep 18

HUGE THANKS to Digital Plantinum for featuring Fairy Tale Love

LOVE to Gus Summers for your Artists in Music Awards interview of Aoede on "IN"! (see Videos below)


  SWEET GRATITUDE to Brian Zisk for an amazing SF MusicTech Summit!

HUGE SHOUT to Michael Brandvold for posting Aoede's 7 Ahas and Take-Aways From SF MusicTech Summit!

BIG LOVE to Muse Boat Radio for featuring Aoede's songs multiple times this month! (TJ's Muse Bridge, Planet Indie, Andy's MBMC Top 25 Music Chart, Spotlight Indie, Maelstrom Muse Show and an interview FEB 25th)

  LOTSA LOVE to Kerrific for her glowing review of "Is Love A Fairy Tale?"

  GRATITUDE to World United Music for Featuring Aoede!

  HUGE THANKS to Nephilim Records for enabling me to attend IC Virtual Music Conference!


  HUGE LOVE to Jenn for her sweet review of "Is Love A Fairy Tale?"


  GRATITUDE to Kiva Adkins and Butterflies Radio for featuring Aoede on Artists in Music Awards!


  SHOUT OUT to Donald Strachan for including Aoede in Views From the Edge, ABC Radio AIness!

4. Aoede Videos: 

Aoede's interview on "IN" for Artists in Music Awards!


Aoede's Grammy Acceptance Song-As part of a Google contest, I wrote this song "Magic of a Dream" and created this lil video :)

  Aoede's "Fairy Tale Love!" Click to watch (14,000+ views-Wow and Thank You!) and please comment and share if you love!


The Perfect GIFT For the KID in All of Us!


Aoede's Award-Winning Children's Album Is Love A Fairy Tale? was released on Sep 18th on iTunes!
Click to listen and buy and get physical copies from
Aoede's website! 



"Thank you AOEDE for the message. Your music is the best thing I have in this evening, and it is so great listening you until late in the night. I can t wait your updates! You are one of the most intelligent persons I know and I m so pleased to be in touch with you. Have a great time!"
(Thanks for Onoria Lupu!!)


Love your video. I think I have a crush on Betty Boop. Also really like , I Lost You Win. Slow it down just a bit and it sounds like the next Jams Bond theme, All The Best,Texas Ukulele King"

(Thanks for Ukulele King from Texas !!)  

Want more? See Aoede's Angels



 Aoede Music     


"Sniderman and her talented troupe of singers, character voices and musicians gallantly travel through this ambitious undertaking. Listeners will recognize when some of Sniderman’s characters borrow traits from the greats who have gone before–Yoda, Gollum and Dobby, for example. The Dream Sequence reminded some of the playful and witty dialogue from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. We applaud the creative effort and hope that Sniderman will work to further home her structure story and develop her characters to carry on in future fantasy adventures."  Parents Choice, Parents Choice-Recommended Award-Storytelling

"If this album were any better it would be on Broadway.. a luscious rainbow of music, story, characters and adventure that will mesmerize children and entertain adults… magical worlds of music, tales, characters, excitement, concern, love and joy. Her albums are ostensibly for children, but really, the music is so sophisticated and the artists she joins with and directs are so talented that adults get lost in them…"  Patrick O'Heffernan, Vents Magazine

"Delving back into the Wonderhaven fantasy realm, she creates vividly inventive portraits of fairy and goblin characters prompted by a “nyxmare” to which creative children who spend hours in imaginative play will naturally gravitate... one could easily imagine how this airy and fantasy-filled album would translate into a children’s TV show or a movie... Hints of indie pop’s Feist, Lisa Loeb , Susannah Hoff and Ingrid Michaelson influences weave in and out like Renaissance festival ribbons on several tracks. There’s even a little reggae on “All This Mess”. During Aoede’s excursion to the underworld to prevent the white witch from winning, children will automatically become invested in how this story ends. For parents who enjoyed the Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fantasy series, this album falls well within this genre. Will Aoede triumph in the end? The album will keep the audience enthralled enough until the end to find out."  Carlita, Music Emissions


San Carlos Children's Theater San Carlos, CA Sat May 24 14 07:00 PM Tickets
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