Mike Rouse and WoolEye

Fort Collins, CO
Other / Lyrical / jam-rock
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Hey everyone getting ready for a great weekend. WoolEye will be hitting the stage tonight at the Buffalo Rose in Golden! The Threadbarons will take the stage around 9pm. Super fun band! WoolEye will be on next ! Red rocks is only a short drive from the venue so if you are in Golden stop in for a great night of music! Then on Saturday W.E will be at the Forks at the intersection of Jackass Road and 287 in Livermore. Showtime 7pm. This will be a interesting fun night at this new venue. Cant wait to see youy there! Mike and WoolEye

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"CD: Sit Outside and Dream Artist: WoolEye Ever since Hendrix rocked 20 arms on the cover of Axis: Bold As Love, Hindu imagery has been psychedelic rock’s colorful totem. But don’t let the Tridevi on the cover of WoolEye’s latest effort fool you; the trippiness comes in bits and pieces. While the far-off space guitar is present in a handful of tracks, Sit Outside and Dream is dominated by a boppy jazz rock sound, heard across the synth landscapes and hooky keyboard. What lifts WoolEye above the archetypal fusion four-piece is a willingness to dabble in genres far outside their range without compromising their jazz-based approach. Most of the time, it works. Try the neon bluegrass sound of “Cherokee Bill” – though the lyrics feel uninspired, there’s something surprisingly fun about the rocking electric piano and guitar bridges. The Technicolor techno-pop of “New York Spinnit” is aural deliciousness. T"  Erik M., Scene Magazine


Pateros Creek Brewing Co. Fort Collins, CO Sat Apr 26 14 08:00 PM Tickets
Avagadro's Number Fort Collins, CO Sat May 24 14 08:00 PM  
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