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 Hey , Jeremy from Helforstout here.


We've got a bunch of sweet stuff coming up for 2013 including our debut FULL LENGTH ALBUM!!!!  I just want to email all of you to thank you for your support and to remind you all to tell your friends about Helforstout!!!!  Keep your eyes on our page, we've got some neat things coming up soon!


"So my mom called me and told me about this band that's been playing at the bars lately. "Do you know what the spinny-guitar thing is? You know, the windmill- looking thing? With their arm? The guy in this band DOES that! They play all these song and NAIL them!" Then she sees that I commented on a photo you guys posted. She called me freaking out about how awesome you guys are. Congrats haha. You have a die-hard fan."  Ambrosia Essex, Helforstout Facebook page

"After hearing all the buzz and listening to a few of their originals on Facebook I felt it time to go out amd give them a listen LIVE. Well they are the Real Deal and the performances are well worth attending. Got to talk with Jeremy and he reminds me of a young Jimmy Page but Jeremy plays cleaner live. Gabe has an awesom voice and personality to match! This band can go far..."  David Bosier, Helforstout Facebook page

"Awesome show last night guys! I was blown away. Great originals and covers! Hopefully I'll be seeing you guys around."  Kyle Kennedy, Helforstout Facebook page

"You guys ROCK!!!"  Jeff Gipple, Helforstout Facebook Page

"First time I've been able to get out and see you guys. Great show last night! Love the old school and the new tracks your laying down. Excellent job!"  Nathan Mixdorf, Helforstout Facebook Page


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