Hey Everyone and a happy 2013 to you!  The first big thing to happen to me this year was to get my Custom Song writing website revamped and lookin' real purty.  So, to celebrate the new website and Valentine's day I'm having a Love Song Lyrics Contest.

It is free to enter, all ya gotta do is visit this page, type in your lyrics and submit 'em.  The winner will have their lyrics set to music and recorded by yours truly and it will be FREE!  All who enter will have the opportunity of getting their lyrics set to music and recorded at a 50% discount!  Whattaya waitin' for! 


In addition to this I would like to add that custom songs are the perfect valentine's day gift and if you've never gotten one for your signigicant other it does in fact meant that you don't really love them.  Furthermore, if you don't have a signigicant other, it is because you've always been too cheap to pony up for a custom song when you had the chance.  But don't worry it isn't too late.  Order Now and become the decent human being that we all know you truly are. 


All kidding aside.  You are wonderful.