Joe Lynch
Rock / Powerpop / New Wave

No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth!  I've been working on a project, and as sometimes happens, after about 3 o4 songs into recording, I've decided to go in another direction entirely.  So basically, it's just like starting over.  I may take those 4 songs and add a couple of cover songs I've recorded for my television licensing work and release them as an EP so they don't end up "lost in the vault".  I'm also in the process of adding my songs as individual downloads on the reverbnation page.  Eventually, there will be songs available for individual download that aren't available on any album.  I may also include demos of songs as downloads as well.  Well, that's all for now!  Keep checking back as I add more downloads for purchase, and I'll send out an e-mail if the EP becomes a reality!




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"Joe Lynch knows his way around his resources and has a rich, solid sound with all the instrumentation here and, beginning to end, while it's a bit in `two places at once, it works not only swimmingly but refreshingly! Recommended!"   Bruce Brodeen, Notlame Records

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